Studio Soriano in Naples

A small space, poor lighting, the centre of Naples.
It is from these assumptions that the challenge for studio 74ram to reconcile two different functions in the same place: a studio for a writer during the week, and instead a holiday home at the weekend.

Transforming the space into a cocoon that would favour ergonomics and ease of concentration for the writer during the work period, while at the same time guaranteeing peace and relaxation for guests spending the weekend in this chaotic city. For this reason the reduced size should be enhanced by giving more strength to the lighting.

Thanks to the collaboration of architects Emilia Abate and Francesco Rotondale, it was possible to design two versions of the same environment, maintaining comfort in both cases.
A single colour in different shades characterises the entire space, while the furnishings are constructed in such a way that they can be transformed as required.
The sofas become beds for weekend guests, while a wall reveals a kitchenette and a bathroom.
This wall, enlivened by shades of colour ranging from red to orange, is the most significant part of the composition. Closed it appears only as a decorative background, while open it reveals a series of containing elements and various functions at the service of guests.
The upper area consists of a loft, where a long desk with a bookcase on the front also serves as a parapet overlooking the area below.

The studio also includes a number of elements that contribute to making the environment pleasant: industrial teak flooring, microcement coverings, designer lighting fixtures, fixed design furnishings combined with others of recovery.
These details, the multiple functions, transform this space into a perfect refuge in the Neapolitan city.

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PROJECT Studio Soriano
ARCHITECT studio 74ram di Emilia Abate e Francesco Rotondale
YEAR 2018