STØNE by INNOVA is a heat pump designed to meet the architectural integration requirements of thermal comfort technologies. STØNE, capable of perfectly combining aesthetics, wellbeing, performance and sustainability, was also chosen in the construction of ‘Casanguilla‘: a splendid accommodation facility in San Vito dei Normanni in northern Salento, a few kilometres from the crystal-clear sea of the Brindisi coastline, designed by Quarzo Studio of Brescia.

In addition to heating and cooling using extremely efficient and environmentally friendly technology, these heat pumps are the ideal solution for air-conditioning any type of building, even prestigious ones, at low costs. In fact, they have no visible technical components, and their compact and elegant design brings together the soft shapes of the external casing, the reduced overall dimensions and the graceful lines of the micro-perforated grille, to fit discreetly into any context without compromising on flexibility of use and ease of installation.

STØNE, designed by Luca Papini in collaboration with INNOVA’s R&D centre, has been selected for the prestigious ADI Design Index 2021 for the design of its lines, to which it combines great innovation and technological efficiency thanks to the BUTLER PRO system, the simple and intuitive web server that optimises management from an ecological and economic point of view, locally and/or remotely, with the possibility of setting a weekly calendar in time bands and creating zone scenarios with different settings, to always obtain the best level of comfort in every room. INNOVA has transformed a technological component into an element that truly adds value to the space: in stand-alone installations as well as in integration in any type of construction, it offers a solution in which aesthetics becomes the full expression of the best technological innovation currently available.


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