Spazio Berlendis

Spazio Berlendis is a space intended to host cultural events of various kinds: art exhibitions, performances, music, conferences and more.
Realised by Caprioglio Architects, it originates from the restoration of the building forming part of the Squero Fassi complex (known as Squero Vecio), one of the oldest in Venice.

During the design, great attention was paid to respecting the building’s typology and urban context, without neglecting a strong contemporary matrix, which involved special attention to the choice of materials and finishes, such as the cement floor with a handcrafted resin finish.
The idea was to create a space that could combine the charm of a very special context with the versatility of a neutral environment, which did not have the constraints of a historic building and lent itself to hosting artistic events of various kinds. An artefact with the characteristics of a pavilion, but located in the heart of the city.

The result is a neutral box, but with great personality, which leaves space for the artistic work without competing with it.
The water gate is of a totally new type for the city, a totally and deliberately contemporary sign, while respecting the traditional function. The architecture will be flexible in relation to the type of events hosted, offering the possibility of using the space either with natural light (zenithal), artificial light (very flexible lighting system) or in dark spaces, for example for videos or special performances.
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Project: Spazio Berlendis
Studio: Arch. Filippo Caprioglio – Caprioglio Architects
Collaborators: arch. Miriam Mattana, arch. Costantino Paparella, arch. Angela D’Alessio, arch. Filippo Bobbo
Structural Project: Ing. Riccardo Tommasi
Systems Project: Ing. Andrea Brisighella
General Contractor: Beta Costruzioni
Location: Venice, Italy
Year: 2021