SOLUM among the young talents of Milan Design Week 2022

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2022, the SOLUM architecture studio is taking part in the international exhibition F / A FakeAuthentic, which hosts young creative talents from all over the world interested in proposing, through one of their creations, their own reflection on this edition’s theme: MISTAKES.
There are 19 selected participants who will exhibit their works in Assab One, an unconventional space hosting exhibitions, cultural events and art projects.

SOLUM’s project, Disimpegno, was conceived during the renovation of a flat: the discovery of a hidden metal beam forced the designers to review the space and geometry of a corridor, investigating its spatial possibilities. Thus, an unpredictable event, an error, led to reflection on the role of this place in contemporary living, where the logic of the square metre absorbs all non-essential spaces.
Suspended from the ground, Disimpegno becomes a tent, an atrium, a threshold, a place with its own unique characteristics. It brings pure space deprived of its mere function onto the stage, making it no longer a place of transition. The slender metal structure and the woven fabric threads negate the typical dividing function of a hallway, thus generating possible spatial relationships in any architectural context.
Visitors are asked to immerse themselves in the project, in turn questioning the hidden potential of a hallway, commonly intended only for passage.

SOLUM is a Milan-based architecture studio founded in 2019 by architects Mattia Agates, Lorenzo Campagna, Filippo Gismondi and Alessandro Loda. The studio follows a multitude of projects on various scales, from urban planning to interior designs. For more information, visit

Images created by the SOLUM studio