Sleeping in the arms of Morfeo

Between the junction of Viale Certosa and Piazzale Accursio rises the new Hotel Morfeo, recently reopened to the public, whose restructuring has been curated by WiP Architetti renewing the image of the old Hotel Accademia. The structure, which covers an area of about 2,800 square meters on 8 levels, has 62 rooms as well as 2 suites. Two floors of more than 600 square meters are used to host the reception, the restaurant, the services, the conference rooms and a gym to meet the needs of each guest while ensuring maximum comfort. The hotel wants to propose itself as a safe appointment for business customers, an industrious certainty. Taking into account modern needs, the new dimensions of hospitality impose a more airy model, whereby the hotel room becomes a personal place, a place of affection and special memories. 

It is not enough for the hotel to be located in a strategic location, on a major road axis, an essential condition for a top-level accommodation facility; the new businessman needs to feel welcome. So the hotel Morfeo evokes vacation places, reflecting the identity of the Bellevue Group, which has primary accommodation facilities along the Sorrento coast: the scenographic imprint of the spaces is inspired by this. The image is warm, bright, full of objects, details, paintings, vases, sculptures. Every detail of the furnishings tells a story extracted from the storehouse of memories. This is the Sorrentine matrix of the Group which tells of light, the scent of the sea and citrus fruits, but above all of joy and the culture of hospitality. 

Here one encounters the sense of the relaxed joy of living mixed with the pragmatism of Milan, which seeks to rationalize, to bring order to the spontaneity of oneiric associations. At the entrance, the classic reception desk becomes a table that serves as a resting place for travelers who pass through the city, to finally find a moment of quiet and cordiality; the headboard of the beds becomes more and more important and becomes a monumental bulkhead: the dimension of a renewed normality. Less frenzy and more taste for living, combining elegance, quality and efficiency. The objective of the design was to capture the signs of the times and make them become a home, a room, a space where you can sleep and dream peacefully.

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Project: Hotel Morfeo
Architect: WiP Architetti
Year: 2021