Skin change

GAM – Gruppo Architetti Milano together with Studio Falù have completed the renovation project of a single-family house in Milan, located within a complex designed by Caccia Dominioni.
The reformulation of this space plays on the creation of a central volume capable of “revolutionising” the entire existing living area with a few simple moves and with a focus on surfaces, using materials in a non-ordinary way.

One of the main walls of the living area is dressed in geometric scales, like waves breaking on the surface.
In a central position, a white volume tries to contain the staircase inside, but two oak steps manage to “escape” and create, together with the terracotta colour of the wall, a rhythm of volumes and light and an optical effect leading to the rooms.

All around, we find a custom-made cabinet, which transforms from an entrance cupboard into a storage bench for dining, and then returns to the cupboard with a ‘workshop niche’ designed for the little ones.
Under the niche, in fact, there are storage elements – which can also be used as mobile stools – and which transform the top in the niche into a table perfect for drawing.

The kitchen, consisting of an island, column wall and undercounter unit, alternates wood surfaces and matt white panels on a fond de teint wall colour.
In the bathroom we find the alternation of skin: terracotta-coloured plaster and shiny, slippery tiles for the eye that, like flat stone, bounces on water.
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Project: Stories of skin
Designers: GAM – Gruppo Architetti Milano and Studio Falù
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2023
Photo: Gianluca Di Ioia