Silex Titan the new “green” shower trays by Fiora

Silex Titan is the new shower tray that represents Fiora’s GREEN philosophy by combining lightness, innovation, design and strength. Solid structure and lightened core, Silex Titan is 30 percent lighter than the original Silex and at the same time solid and strong.
For greater environmental friendliness, Silex Titan reduces both the mineral load and its weight, thus becoming more sustainable and facilitating its own movement and assembly.

Silex Titan focusing on bathroom design proposes a new concept of a lightweight shower tray with advanced technology that achieves the perfect balance between lightness and strength.
Fiora makes its green shower tray using Silexpol® material, the result of a research program that follows certified processes of maximum sustainability, and the result of the brand’s constant innovation. Silexpol® offers advantages such as durability, non-slip, ease of cleaning, and in addition, it is repairable and durable.


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