SensoWash® D-Neo by Duravit

The Duravit D-Neo series has been expanded with SensoWash® D-Neo, a compact e-seat toilet with an excellent price-performance ratio. This new product combines the modern, high-quality hygiene of an e-seat toilet with the brand’s mature technology, fully integrated into the ceramic.
The flat seat and white back cover form a coplanar unit. With its pure aesthetics in a clear, straightforward design, SensoWash® D-Neo integrates discreetly into any room and is a perfect match for all Duravit design series, adapting optimally to the needs of the contract sector and price-conscious manufacturers who do not require any special additional functions.

SensoWash® D-Neo ensures pleasant comfort thanks to a number of technical refinements: from the different setting options for the three types of shower-toilet, to user detection on the seat, to individually adjustable time windows for seat heating. The functions are intuitively controlled via a remote control that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand.
Integrated seat heating and individually adjustable temperature and water pressure ensure maximum comfort. Thanks to the night light, the SensoWash® D-Neo ensures safety at all times. A sensor on the seat prevents unintentional activation of the hand shower.

SensoWash® D-Neo ensures maximum safety through the use of particularly hygienic materials such as stainless steel, with its antimicrobial properties, for the hand shower nozzle. In addition, separate nozzles for the Lady and rear hand shower prevent cross-contamination. The positioning of the hand shower above the ceramic bowl basin and the automatic cleaning before and after each use, when the spout is in the retracted position, minimise the transmission of germs and bacteria. Rimless® technology, the optimised geometry of the inside of the toilet bowl and siphon, and the effective HygieneGlaze antibacterial ceramic glaze also guarantee optimal hygiene. Already after six hours about 90% of bacteria (e.g. E. coli bacteria) are inhibited and after 24 hours about 99.9%.


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