SDR Ceramiche and the new washbasins

SDR Ceramiche designs refined and exclusive products, the result of the sartorial attention that is placed on each article of the small internal production. Like an intimate and exclusive artisan workshop, the studio weaves ideas, experiments, and is in continuous movement. Its products contain all the love and passion of the artisans, which make them unique and unrepeatable.
In the wide collection of bathroom SDR, ranging from sanitary ware, to the shower area, to furniture, one of the highlights is represented by the washbasins: solid and durable, with a thin and light design.
SDR washbasins are for all tastes, from strong and decisive colors such as those of REVOLUTION, to the soft and delicate ones of the range NUANCE.
The Qube washbasin in Livin-Stone®, a 100% recyclable material, can be combined with the Revolution® collections in Camelia, Cotone, Avio and Aloe colors. It is perfect when placed on the SOLIDO solid surface cabinet and combined with the coordinated King tap.
The Revolution® ceramic console, a white and squared wall-mounted washbasin with a minimal and modern design, is modularly combined with drawers of different sizes.
The ceramic washbasins PULL and LAKE, both simple and genuine, are the new proposals of SDR for a bathroom with an essential yet modern look. PULL with its squarer shape, and LAKE more rounded, rest gently on the top, and, as capacious as a bowl, are perfectly integrated into the overall environment in pastel colors gray, beige, pink, blue, green. Even in the rectangular version the washbasin has rounded corners and a sinuous and rounded basin.
SDR Ceramiche is dedication, attention to quality and respect for tradition. In doing so, it is committed every day to meet the demands of the customer, demonstrating the most careful participation in the needs that the market expresses.

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