Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024

From 16th to 21st April, the 62nd edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano will take place at Fiera Milano Rho. Not only will it bring ‘beautiful’ and ‘well-made’ back to a unique stage in terms of international importance, but it will do so with an approach that is literally ‘out of the box’, a necessary condition for innovation and evolution, all in the context and to the benefit of ecological transition.
This has resulted in the re-launch of the optimisation of the layouts and paths of EuroCucina and the International Bathroom Exhibition thanks to the contribution of neuroscience; a total redistribution of the pavilions with the aim of grouping exhibitors by content and visitor target; a rich and multidisciplinary cultural proposal, spread throughout the Exhibition; the collaboration with the Department and School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic, aimed at investigating the Exhibition in its socio-economic impact on the territory. In addition, there will be celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the SaloneSatellite with an exhibition at the Triennale.

April will be the edition of the biennial EuroCucina, with the side event FTK – Technology For the Kitchen (halls 2-4) and the International Bathroom Exhibition (halls 6-10), which will be renewed in their exhibition layout, redesigned by Lombardini22. The studio has turned to neuroscience to enhance the visitor experience. After various experiments in a virtual environment, the ring layout chosen for both biennials is more intuitive, easy to navigate and easy to remember, and the exhibition offerings are full of meaning along the entire route. Unlike in the past, a symmetrical route was organised by positioning the stands at the outer perimeter walls, the main routes were made wider to improve orientation, and cultural installations and quiet areas were included.

A special year also for the SaloneSatellite (Halls 5-7), whose theme will be ‘Connecting Design since 1998′ to highlight how this event has, for a quarter of a century, ‘weaned’ and nurtured more than 14,000 budding designers and woven fruitful relationships between cultures and projects from all over the world. To celebrate this milestone, an exhibition at the Triennale (from 16 to 28 April) – whose exhibition project is curated by Beppe Finessi and set up by Ricardo Bello Dias – will look back over the entire history of the event.

There will be three large installations. The first, ‘Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room” (Halls 5-7) is the one that David Lynch, the famous director of the unconscious, is giving to the Salone del Mobile. Two mirrored “thinking rooms” are imagined as symbolic doors to be passed through in order to immerse oneself in the exhibition.
“Under the Surface“, the second installation designed and realised by, Accurat, Design Group Italia and Emiliano Ponzi for the Salone Internazionale del Bagno (Hall 10). “Under the Surface” involves visitors in an immersive way and prompts them to think about the theme of a positive and respectful relationship with the most precious natural resource on earth and the role of the bathroom furnishing chain in guiding towards a more conscious use of water.
At the centre of EuroCucina, on the other hand, a large, fluid and welcoming stage will host six independent international food magazines that, together with artists, designers and chefs from all over the world, will present a new and original vision of the present and future of the ingredients that nature offers us, entitled “All You Have Ever Wanted to Know About Food Design in Six Performances“.

A new programme of Talks and Round Tables, entitled “Drafting Futures. Conversations about Next Perspectives”, curated by Annalisa Rosso, will gather some of the most interesting personalities of our time, who, with their virtuous practices are laying the foundations for a more conscious future.
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Photo 1: Communication campaign 2024 Salone del Mobile Milan
Photo 2-3: Lost and Roll @Gianluca Vassallo
Photo 4: EuroCucina Layout @Lombardini22
Photo 5: Salone Internazionale del Bagno Layout @Lombardini22
Photos 6-7: SaloneSatellite 2019 @ Ludovica Mangini
Photo 8: Interiors by David Lynch. A thinking Room @Lombardini22
Photo 9: Under the Surface @Salotto NY
Photo 10: Arena Drafting Futures Courtesy Formafantasma