Sail by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio

The result of careful technological research and complex manual work in the assembly of the components, Sail is the new perfectly double-sided sliding door by Rimadesio, which combines high technical and functional performance with original aesthetics and strong expressive value. Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, Sail is proposed, in the living area as in the sleeping area, as a true furnishing element capable of characterising sophisticated and elegant interiors. Essential and minimal but at the same time expressive and with a strong identity thanks to the vertical wooden crosspieces that connote it, this sliding door is made to measure in height and width and is able to fit into any available compartment, thanks also to the infinite matching solutions between the Rimadesio glass finishes and the aluminium of the structural elements, also available in the walnut or oak covered version.
Like all Rimadesio products, the Sail system is made by pursuing principles of safeguarding the environment and its resources, through a solar-powered production process, aimed at the creation of long-lasting goods. The collection is made using glass and aluminium, Rimadesio materials par excellence, 100% recyclable, with a view to a circular economy that aims to reduce waste to zero. Ecolorsystem is the exclusive range of lacquers used by Rimadesio and composed solely of water-based paints, which guarantee the total absence of substances harmful to man and the environment. Rimadesio packaging is produced just-in-time using only recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard. The minimal waste produced by the packaging machine is mechanically
compressed and sent to neighbouring paper mills for the production of high quality recycled paper, in a process with low environmental impact.


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