Reversus by Eterno Ivica

Eterno Ivica presents Reversus, the world’s first support with a universal reversible head. The only one in its category, capable of redefining the concept of support for outdoor raised floors.
Reversus is innovative because it is an all-in-one system: a single product can be used for both slab installation and joists. The SRT support in bi-material (PP + rubber), in fact, on one side allows the slabs to be laid and on the other, by rotating it 180°, the aluminium/wood joist.
The main strong point is the patented reversible 3-in-1 head, thanks to which three different solutions are obtained. The new overhead dimension therefore allows the same support to be used for multiple projects.
If the joist is not used, the SR support is available for laying single and multi-format slabs with 4 mm thick fins on one side and 2 mm on the other.
A head available in two different sizes: diameter 110 mm and diameter 150 mm in the XL version. The head is made of bi-material (PP + rubber) with easily removable fins.
Reversus supports can become self-levelling, compensating up to 5% slope, thanks to an additional accessory. This makes the installation experience easier and faster.
Both support versions feature Eterno Ivica’s patented easy-break round base. Depending on the laying requirements, it is possible to modify the base thanks to the facilitated breakage of the various circular sectors. With a simple pressure of the hand, it will be possible to break the base to be used at the edge of the wall, with the clips or with the perimeter profile, without the use of tools but with a simple manual pressure.


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