Retail between experience and aspiration: PLATFORM for HOMI event

Retail between experience and aspiration” an event organized by PLATFORM architecture and design for HOMI and featuring 12 international architects, will take place on January 26th and 27th, 2023 at Rho FieraMilano.

The invited designers, from all over the world, have been carefully selected for the purpose of presenting to the public attending the exhibition event, one of their retail projects chosen for its high level of architectural quality.
The retail experience is based on the ability to intercept the new needs and expectations of the end consumer, modifying and adapting the retail model to make it more and more a collector of connections not only commercial but also branding and values. Emotion, design and full immersion are the keys to becoming contemporary retail in a market that evolves according to customers’ aspirations.

Today, retail design is closer and closer to the culture of scenography, transforming the space into a true ‘mise en scene’ in which the consumer becomes an actor. A place where the customer can live an experience and satisfy his or her aspirational drive that leads him or her to want to be part of a community.

The main objective of the seminar organised by Platform for Homi visitors is to provide participants with an insight into the world of retail design at an international level by offering very different Case Studies to help them understand the role of the physical store, its spectacularisation and the importance of the concept to be attractive in an ever-changing market.

Below youll find the list of studios featured in the program:
AntiStatics Architecture
CJ Studio
DWA Design Studio
Linda Bergroth
Saint of Athens
Sheft Farrace
Visual Display

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Here below you can view the program of the event: