Residenze Cavour

The “Residenze Cavour” project is part of a consolidated building fabric, composed of buildings constructed from the 1960s onwards of poor architectural quality, located in an agglomeration of buildings built without any real urban planning, situated in what we can now call the “diffuse linear city” between Caserta and Naples.
The project, realised by the Neapolitan IN-NOVA STUDIO, aims to introduce new rules and geometries within the urban fabric to improve its environmental quality, through the use of a simple and harmonious language.

The building consists of four flats, two of which are developed on a single floor and two duplexes. The design consists of two white side volumes, resting on a stone base, separated by a central block housing the stairs, lift and entrances to the flats.
The central block is materially different on the two elevations: to the north it is clad in stone to accentuate its solidity and is marked by thin horizontal cuts that allow light to penetrate into the stairs; while to the south it is characterised by large glazed surfaces alternating with grey plastered opaque walls that give onto small terraces.

The entrance to all flats, located in the centre of the building, clearly divides the living area from the sleeping area. All the flats enjoy a double exposure that favours the natural ventilation of the rooms.
All the architectural choices, the orientation of volumes, the distribution of functions, and the positioning of overhangs and openings are designed to achieve high standards of environmental sustainability.
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Project: Cavour Residences
Location: Parete, Italy
Year: 2023
Photos: Carlo Oriente