Renovation of the historic residence Maison Ave Courcelette

Maison Ave Courcelette, in Outremond, is a project developed by the young Salem Architecture studio, founded by Jad Salem in 2012, in Montreal. The studio bases its principles on teamwork and collaboration between artists, completing sustainable architecture that responds to the demands of its clients.

The main objective of the project for the renovation of this historic residence in Outremond was to optimise the fusion between the interior space and the outdoor courtyard.

Some of the changes involved the opening of the living room to the outside, so that the kitchen could be extended under the rear canopy to the south. This canopy was built to create a shady area during hot summer days where one can enjoy the open air.
New openings have been created in the walls, allowing more natural light into the interior, and light reaching the staircase in the centre of the ground floor emphasises the fluidity of the structure’s forms.
Outside, the layout of the gardens in different areas offers residents different atmospheres and experiences.
The sunken outdoor living room, covered by a retractable awning, allows the family to enjoy the warm space and offers a pleasant view of the many trees surrounding the courtyard.

Architect Jad Salem, together with the owner, took special care to ensure that the renovation of the residence respected the original characteristic elements. Therefore, each intervention has been carried out in such a way as to highlight certain details that can be traced back to the original construction of the house in 1947.
The new arched opening adopts the same structure as the existing one, and the railings of the central staircase have been modified only minimally, focusing the renovation work on the curved lines and circular ceiling openings. The wooden floor retains its original meticulous detailing and is still intact in several rooms of the building.
The choice of colours used in the floor also maintains stylistic consistency between the new and existing floors.
The original stone of the rear façade has been flanked by vertically positioned perforated elements of fine wood, acting as side walls to provide privacy but also the passage of light.


PROJECT Maison Ave Courcelette
ARCHITECT Salem Architecture
LOCATION Outremont, Montréal, Québec, Canada
YEAR 2020
PHOTO Phil Bernard