Expanding the available space, even multiplying it, recovering useful space that was not thought to have. It is not a dream, but what is possible to achieve thanks to Protek’s dynamic solutions. On the one hand, retractable furniture systems that exploit spaces that were not thought to have; on the other hand, swing and sliding frames and pocket frames, designed to completely eliminate the use of any doorpost and covering profile, for plaster and plasterboard walls, which hide from view and make the room more practical and functional, as well as elegant and modern.

Proof of this is the Protek apartment located on the 7th floor of The Central Tower, the new prestigious residential development in the heart of Milan that arises from a Citterio-Viel re-development project of a pre-existing building by the Milanese studio BBPR (Banfi, Belgiojoso, Peressutti, Rogers).

Officially inaugurated on the occasion of the design week in Milan, the apartment responds to the growing demand for space within residential homes (and not only), characterized by small rooms and which therefore require optimization of the available one.

The furniture solutions designed by Protek range from the Bigfoot® system, declined in some of its many variations and finishes, to the frames and pocket frames of the Linear® collection, both swing and sliding, practical to install and which give to the location a touch of elegance and modernity.

Linear® and Bigfoot®, Protek solutions that organize the available space

The first is the system designed to separate architectural spaces with a design of absolute purity where every supporting element of the door disappears. Swing or sliding, Linear® enhances the shapes of the design and is designed to completely eliminate the use of doorpost and covering profile.
The second, Bigfoot®, is a patented system, unique in the world and avant-garde, which exploits the structural elements of separation and passage areas inside the buildings, to offer new solutions both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, combining design, creativity and innovation. A new format destined to become increasingly common in newly built homes, designed to meet the needs of new metropolitan citizens, lifestyles and times of the day.

It can be integrated into the wall during the design and renovation of the building, adjacent to an existing or independent and self-supporting wall, the Bigfoot® sliding furniture system is available in two versions, Architectural for covering in plasterboard sheets or similar and Interior, with provision for covering in wainscoting or rigid panels (both versions do not require building permits, speeding up and simplifying installation), as well as with different finishes and colors, to adapt it to the location in which it is installed, and a wide range of variants ranging from the more classic ones, such as the shoe rack, broom closet, television module, to the smarter ones such as the MyOffice or MySchool module designed respectively for work and study from home.

In particular, in the different rooms that make up the apartment, some of the solutions designed by Protek find application, such as the Bigfoot® Laura system placed at the entrance that allows you to organize a storage corner to keep the house in perfect order, or Bigfoot® Sofia, located in the living room, useful for creating an equipped ironing corner, up to Bigfoot® Capri, also installed in the living room that hides an additional precious bed in the event of a guest’s arrival. In the kitchen, completely integrated into the furniture, Bigfoot® Firenze is the ideal solution to manage the pantry, thanks to its numerous retractable shelves where to arrange in a practical and functional way everything you need to bring chef-proof lunches and dinners to the table! In the bathroom area, on the other hand, there is a double installation: next to the Bigfoot® Firenze system, this time in a beauty solution, there is the sliding pocket frame of the Linear® collection which, integrated into the furniture, hides from view the space dedicated to the laundry.

Finally, the bedroom. Here, to take advantage of the compartment behind the swing frame of the Linear® collection, was installed the Chanel Bigfoot® system which integrates perfectly into the existing wardrobe and is equipped as a shoe rack and completed with a secrétaire compartment that can only be opened with a digital device, reserved for the case of documents and personal items. Nothing is left to chance with Protek.

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