Ponte Giulio and home comfort

For anyone, home represents much more than a physical place: home is emotion, identity and security. What makes us feel ‘at home’? Among the factors that most positively characterise the domestic sphere are order, security and privacy.

Walking, climbing stairs, grasping objects, seeing, hearing, perceiving are all aspects that should guide proper home design. Precisely for this reason, Ponte Giulio offers products suitable for use in any environment, because they are designed and constructed taking into due consideration aesthetics, but above all technical aspects such as load capacity, antibacterial protection and compliance with quality and safety standards. Knowledge of the bathroom environment offers the possibility of foreseeing what the criticalities and specific needs of each context are: the sanitary ware area highlights aspects that are not found in the vicinity of the washbasin. The shower area experiences stress and a level of wear that is not found in other areas of the bathroom.

The Ponte Giulio bathroom furnishing solutions offer useful inspiration for all domestic contexts: the Life Caring Design elements gather safe and comfortable design products such as the handles, seats and shelves of the HUG collection or the SOLO shower columns, an evolution of safety handles able to guarantee a certified tensile strength of 150 kg. They offer a solution for connection to the water outlet, without any special adaptation work by the plumber, and are made of stainless steel to resist over time. For years, Ponte Giulio has been using BioCote® technology to ensure that its products have antimicrobial properties, thanks to the properties of silver, one of the essential characteristics in the fight to effectively reduce bacteria in hygienic environments.

The latest addition, OMNIA, is an accessible design project consisting of accessory safety handles, shower seats, storage furniture, washbasin, sanitary ware and mirrors that can integrate air sanitisation and call for help systems. At the heart of the design are the handles, shaped like a flat oval, which are ergonomic and practical. Thanks to a special mechanism that allows the insertion of various accessories underneath the side terminals of the aid, these handles can become an ‘L’ and ‘U’ shaped towel holder, a roll holder, a clothes hook, a shelf and tray holder and, finally, a crutch holder. All these features do not detract from its main activity as a safety support: in fact, they guarantee a load capacity of up to 150 kg.

OMNIA is also a tilted shower seat, available in the simple and floor-standing versions (for those situations where the wall does not guarantee a good hold) and stool. The sloping plane running around the perimeter of the seat is a graphic sign that is also repeated in other products in the collection, such as the washbasin and bidet.

In addition to the floor-standing and wall-hung sanitary ware, this bathroom system also offers two ceramic washbasin models – 65 and 100 cm – and one in Corian (also 65 cm). The washbasins with minimalist shapes are completed with a metal frame equipped with an approach handle, a towel holder and a side holder.

The collection also includes mirrors, available in three versions, with various types of lighting. In version 3 the greater depth accommodates two control units: that of the Help System, for requesting help, and that of the Safety Air System, for sanitising the air.


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