Pedrali Collaborative Space

Pedrali Collaborative Space is the project for the new offices at the Headquarters in Mornico Al Serio, in the province of Bergamo, signed by Park Associati. This new project consolidates the collaboration between Pedrali, a 100% Made in Italy company leader in the production of contemporary design furnishings for the contract and home, and the Milanese studio which, in 2022, signed the renovation and expansion of the company restaurant.
The title given to the project reveals the objective that guided its design: an up-to-date, dynamic and flexible working environment, developed through the modulation of an innovative layout that focuses on the comfort of the people who experience these spaces every day.
The last few years have certainly led to a rethinking of the office world, and with this project Pedrali wanted to rethink the new areas under the banner of transversality and heterogeneity, far from the static nature of the traditional office. The new workspace is no longer just a working space, but a community space, within which to keep the corporate culture alive and feel part of it, nurturing interaction, sharing and collaboration.
Fluidity and sharing are therefore identified as the key words that animate the 560 square metres of the Pedrali Collaborative Space, divided into three macro areas: the contemporary office characterised by several workstations, the meeting and breakout rooms.

The result is a mix of functional areas that act as a setting for Pedrali products which, placed inside a neutral container, are displayed and enjoyed in complete harmony with the architectural volume thanks to the refined choice of models, fabrics and colours.
Well-being and innovation, within the Pedrali Collaborative Space, go hand in hand: the furnishings can be customised and equipped with the latest generation of mechanisms capable of adapting to the user, not only for reasons of comfort, but to give the person full control and management of his or her own work space, improve emotional quality, stimulate creativity and teamwork, responding to the needs dictated by the continuous progress of the digital era.
The choice of the terracotta colour, a fil rouge that links the new spaces to the design of the company restaurant, captures the attention of those who cross the threshold of the entrance to the office building, whose access area is outlined on a double height, conferring verticality thanks to the elegant and majestic presence of 25 Isotta hanging lamps by Basaglia Rota Nodari.

Characterising the smart office, 32 workstations spread over the entire surface area of the plan, defined by the practicality of the Arki-Table adjustable Desk, which guarantees maximum comfort and ergonomics thanks to the height-adjustable shelf. The components of office furniture evolve to achieve better performance, with people’s well-being as the primary objective: with this in mind, through the use of a mobile application installed on smartphones, it is possible to memorise personalised Arki-table adjustable desk settings and set personal wellness goals, allowing people to alternate between working while standing and sitting.
A sound-absorbing, fabric-covered panel also allows the division of space between workstations. Accompanying Arki-Table Adjustable Desk is Polar, designed by Jorge Pensi Design Studio, an operative chair that allows maximum customisation in terms of ergonomics, characterised by an organic shape designed to fit the human body and oriented towards people’s well-being. A modern synchronised self-weighting mechanism, capable of autonomously adjusting the intensity of the oscillation according to the user’s body weight, also guarantees this operative chair adaptability and extreme comfort.

Boxie, a storage system on wheels by Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci, completes the space.
In the course of the working day, crucial moments capable of influencing the quality of projects are the meetings, an opportunity for enrichment and comparison, which take place in well-organised meeting rooms. The Pedrali Collaborative Space hosts three of them, delimited by glass windows that harmoniously allow dialogue with the surrounding areas while maintaining the privacy required by the context. Central, in two rooms, is the linearity and rigorousness of Arki-Table, around which are positioned the Nym Soft armchairs by CMP Design in the first setting and, in the second, the Laja armchairs, designed by Alessandro Busana, both with swivel base. The Elinor collection by Claudio Bellini, characterises the third and last meeting area: the Elinor low back operative armchair, which, with its dynamism, flexibility and attention to people’s well-being, synthesises the different attitudes and ways of experiencing the office of the future, is placed around the Elinor table, a multitasking product characterised by a high level of aesthetic quality capable of responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market. Elinor low back, characterised by a lower backrest and a fluid shape, is designed to be placed in meeting rooms and operative offices. This task chair has an elegant, height-adjustable die-cast aluminium base.

A synchronised self-weighting mechanism built into the upholstered seat, capable of autonomously adjusting the intensity of the oscillation according to the user’s body weight, keeps the back in a more comfortable position.
The protagonist of the three environments is Ypsilon Connect by Jorge Pensi Design Studio: an elegant and functional self-supporting sound-absorbing partition panel whose strong point is the maximum degree of customisation it offers, skilfully defining new layouts, managing spaces and adapting offices to corporate training or meeting room situations. On each side of the panel, it is possible to attach accessories such as a magnetic board, shelves, coat hooks or, thanks to a provision for the passage of electricity, provide for the attachment of a monitor.
To fulfil their role as catalysts of sociability, there is a growing demand for breakout areas, in which you can spend a moment of relaxation or a break in the company of your colleagues.
Robin Rizzini’s Toa table, light and essential to the eye, is characterised by a sturdy die-cast aluminium structure with a geometric and fluid shape, capable of supporting even large shelves.

This latter peculiarity and its almost unlimited modularity in terms of length and width allow it to be highly performing within work spaces, giving shape to different environments such as a light office or an executive office. Inside the Pedrali Collaborative Space, surrounded by CMP Design’s Nemea chairs, Toa appears as a large convivial table with the dual function of a break or informal meeting space.
A more intimate area is provided by Busetti Garuti Redaelli’s Buddyhub, a functional and efficient piece of furniture characterised by a perimeter sound-absorbing panel, available in two heights, that embraces the upholstery, creating a sort of refuge from the surrounding environment. Buddyhub, available in the armchair or sofa version, can be configured as a reserved and acoustically protected temporary workstation and is designed to meet the needs of open spaces typical of a contemporary working environment.
The soft lines and clean design of the Buddy coffee tables by Busetti Garuti Redaelli complete the space.
Particular attention within the Pedrali Collaborative Space has been paid to the materials selected. The staircase ramps and the parapet are clad in natural oak, a material also used for the entire flooring of the office area, floating and radiating with wood squares. A not insignificant issue in an open-plan office space is also sound insulation. In fact, along the entire perimeter of the architectural box – both along the glass and masonry walls – runs a system of acoustic curtains which, in addition to soundproofing and allowing the management of sunlight, creates harmony and contributes to the perception of a neutral and homogeneous envelope. Also on the ceiling, a system of sound-absorbing panels on tracks encourages concentration by creating an acoustically protected workspace. An aspect of primary importance in Park Associati’s project is energy efficiency: first of all, a conspicuous thermal/acoustic insulation has been created on the ceiling of the volume to be heated; secondly, it was decided to install a radiant system structurally integrated with the floating floor, for winter heating and summer cooling, combined with a treatment system for controlled mechanical ventilation of the air and summer dehumidification. The necessary heating/cooling energy is produced by a heat pump with high seasonal efficiency. With a view to constantly improving the company in the wake of sustainability, the energy required to power these new workspaces is also generated by photovoltaic panels installed on the factories.

Inside the Pedrali Headquarters in Mornico al Serio, the Pedrali Collaborative Space presents and affirms itself as a place for exchanges, and comparisons, in which well-being and comfort are immersed in the fluidity and openness of the spaces: the same spaces that, every day, host scenes of everyday life from the Pedrali community.


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