Palazzo Senza Tempo

Palazzo Senza Tempo, in the historical centre of Peccioli, was created in response to the municipal administration’s desire to enhance the town’s historical heritage and to encourage the birth and permanence of activities for the public, while at the same time enhancing the building heritage of this medieval Tuscan village.

The intervention by MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, rehabilitates and redevelops the historic Palazzo building on Via Carraia, while creating new meeting spaces to serve the community.
The intervention transforms the ruined building below Via dei Bastioni, connecting it to the Palazzo and characterising it as a new architectural volume for public activities, open to the community.

Articulated on several levels, the complex accommodates residences for the public as well as multi-purpose spaces for events, exhibitions and leisure time.
On the roof, a large, suspended terrace of about 600 square metres with a projection of about 20 metres from the ground dominates the Era Valley and becomes a new public square.
The new spaces are thus configured to host cultural activities open to the community.

STUDIO: MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects
AREA: 2,500 m2
LOCATION: Peccioli (PI), Italy
YEAR: 2021
LEAD DESIGNERS: Tommaso Bettini (Design Director), Marco Dell’Agli (Project Director)
PHOTOGRAPHS: Andrea Testi, Duccio Malagamba