presents the innovative 39_37 finish

Palazzani presents the exclusive 39_37 finish, a new high-performance technology that improves the performance in terms of protection and aesthetics of its taps and shower systems.

This innovative process confers exceptional resistance to corrosion, chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion and wear, thus representing the ideal solution in hotels, sports centres, communities, bars, restaurants and even outdoor solutions.

The finishing and painting process involves specific processes to guarantee the quality of the final product. These include degreasing, which involves immersion in a solvent (acetone) to obtain thorough and complete cleaning of each piece, manual spraying to obtain uniform coverage on all surfaces, air drying (to allow the solvents to evaporate completely) and baking in an oven at 150° for more than two hours to obtain complete cross-linking and exceptional paint adhesion.

These processes resulted in an 82% higher resistance to abrasion and wear of the products treated with the 39_37 finish compared to black anodizing. This performance has been confirmed by specific corrosion resistance tests (over 2,000 hours of exposure to salt spray) and chemical resistance tests (24 hours of immersion of the product in a solvent mix with no negative effects) carried out by the company.

In addition to the great ease of cleaning and maintenance (taps can be cleaned with products commonly used in the home), greater resistance to atmospheric agents and longer-lasting protection, Palazzani’s 39_37 finish gives the taps and fittings a refined, contemporary look that anticipates trends and meets the demands of the most discerning consumers.


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