Otzi Peak 3.251 m

Where a raindrop begins its long journey into the sea, new perspectives appear: the observation deck Ötzi Peak 3.251 m, designed by NOA, incorporates the pre-existing summit cross and lets you become one with the mountains.

At the top of the Schnals Valley Glacier ridge, where Italy’s impressive alpine landscape soars high above the reservoir below, and Austria is around the corner, fate decides whether a drop of glacier water will make its way towards the Mediterranean or the Black Sea.
To provide a narrative of the fascinating history of this place, NOA designed a detached, almost floating architectural structure.

The panoramic platform follows the natural topography and only touches the ground where there is a static necessity. It consists of an organic shaped platform and a corten steel parapet.
A geometric funnel directs viewers’ eyes towards the place where Ötzi was found, taking the visitor on a carefully crafted, ideal journey of discovery of the Iceman.

AREA: 80 m2
LOCATION: Senales (BZ), Italy
YEAR: 2020
LEAD DESIGNERS: Stefan Rier, Lukas Rungger, Andreas Profanter, Christian Rottensteiner, Barbara Runggatscher