Novacolor presents Colour Trends 2023

For the 2023 Color Trends, Novacolor has selected, together with Arch Barbara Sansonetti, three lifestyles to be inspired by: we welcome Cozy Life, Nomadism, Fluid Positivity.

The Cozy lifestyle is a world of pastel colours, soft and reassuring, which help to live the domestic environment as a safe and comfortable landing place. The home is the nest where one can live serenely in the company of loved ones, cuddled by soft, timeless colours.

The colours selected for Nomadism have the strength and energy of those who seek change but have respect for the traditions, history and culture of each people. Nomadism lovers are not afraid of saturated, rich, imposing colours and are ready to change and revise their positions with courage and awareness.

The Fluid positivity colour selection tells of a mood that does not want to define itself: daring to explore new, transcendental and metaphysical worlds. The bold nuances of this lifestyle are perfect for those who project themselves into the future by re-embracing their present, for those who are not afraid to go beyond the edges of the visible.

The three rooms that intercept the chromatic journey, between the lifestyles to which each of us feels we belong, finally lead to a new portal opened by Daydreaming (MM274), the colour of the year 2023 chosen by Novacolor.
Inspired by ‘Ajna’, the sixth chakra known as the third eye, Daydreaming is released in intense and deep nuances releasing all the energy associated with perception, wisdom and intuition.

The Color Trends 2023 were presented exclusively on 13 December at the “Museum of Dreamers” in Milan during the “Dream in Colors” event, which was attended by Pietro Geremia, President and CEO of San Marco Group, Roberta Vecci, International Marketing Director of San Marco Group, Architect Barbara Sansonetti, author and curator of the Color Trends palettes, and Paolo Stella, writer, actor, expert in architecture and interior design and trend setter.
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