Nature on the wall

Élitis sustainable creations are committed to preserving nature and the planet’s resources. In its collections there are natural materials that have great creative potential, from recycled teak to iridescent mother-of-pearl. As in the Écrin handcrafted collection which, with a palette of earthy colours, brings together ancestral natural materials: mother-of-pearl and abaca, raffia and wire, leaves and colour pigments. The mixed and intertwined materials, perforated and treated, give life to original designs, geometric patterns, thin wefts and iridescent perforations.

Élitis explores the rich world of recycled wood and hand-picked mother-of-pearl, as well as that of raffia, cocoa leaves or paper pulp through fascinating wall and fabric compositions. In the Trancoso and Essences de Bois collections, recycled wood is used for handcrafted compositions where the reuse of the material is at its peak.

Trancoso is an outdoor cladding with recycled teak finishes arranged in a chessboard with a handcrafted and at the same time refined savoir-faire. The woodworking is long and meticulous: the teak boards are recovered, selected, cut, carved, assembled and finally dyed. There are three possible variants: the Makassan line has a striped pattern in 3 colours; Anambas has a drop pattern in 3 colours; Ishtar has a round pattern in 3 colours.
Essence de Bois has a classic aesthetic, the raw wood plays with illusionistic effects that emulate inlaid decorations. This wall covering, on a non-woven fabric support, brings together various essences of wood. In its declinations we find both the real and recycled Paulonia wood and the print on cellulose with different varieties, among these: bamboo, walnut, cherry, elm, mahogany, oak, larch, maple, solid wood and briar.

The materials are collected using sustainable methods to give them a new life. Élitis only works with artisans and producers who meet high standards of sustainability. All vinyl wallpapers are made in accordance with environmental standards. Vinyl production is solvent-free, using vegetable-based plasticizers (soya) and water-based inks. The producer recycles 75% of the waste.
Its collections often use raffia and cocoa leaves. The cocoa leaves are collected by hand and the raffia is taken without cutting down the trees. The priority for all plant fibres is not to interfere with the ecosystems in which the plants are rooted.
The Raw Raffia coating is 100% natural and is handmade. It is characterized by elegant multicolored weaves that combine raffia, bamboo and silk.

Among the tried and tested Élitis materials there is also the handmade paper pulp for a unique wall covering made thanks to the collaboration with skilled craftsmen. Paper sculpture was born from the desire to explore paper and to master the techniques for its processing. The opaque colour is superimposed on the bright colour, the neutral or dark tones are crossed in glittering stripes and metallic fragments. Each coating is handmade, and is unique in its differences, like a true artist’s creation.

Among the fabrics, the most sustainable is definitely linen, which is transformed only with natural processes, is recyclable and biodegradable and requires little water for its production. Élitis linens have the Masters of Linen certification and are produced in Europe.
Dolce Lino presents itself with the irregularities and naturalness of this natural fibre. The handcrafted features offer a variety of different weaves with simulated seams, weaves and melange of yarns. It is suitable for curtains and for upholstering sofas and armchairs. Pur Lin is available in three natural colours – linen, white or black – for a stone washed 100% linen look. The touch is soft and elastic, the finish is fresh.
Élitis is a partner in ecological projects. Its collections have environmental advantages that make them perfect for sustainable design and architecture: CO2 emissions are very low, there is a total absence of heavy metals in its products and the resources used are renewable.
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