MIS by Palazzani.eu

Palazzani.eu, an Italian company with over a hundred years of experience in the faucet industry, presents MIS, a collection that combines innovation, design and functional perfection. The essentiality of its lines means that the collection can integrate perfectly into very different environments, while maintaining its character. Palazzani.eu’s MIS collection is also characterized by a production process with a high rate of recyclability and eco-sustainability, both due to a particular sensitivity of the Company to the issue of water saving, and to the use of a galvanic plant of the latest generation for trivalent chromium plating, which, unlike hexavalent chromium, is completely free of carcinogenic elements and safe for health and the environment.

The machinery used in processing is of the latest generation and allows for innovative purification processes to minimize the impact on the environment. Attention in the production cycle is also placed on the choice of raw materials used: company standards include surface finishes made of Copper, Nickel and Chrome with thicknesses up to 20 microns, complying with all the strictest tests imposed by certification bodies. To help increase the value of each faucet and to give it innovative and valuable features, Palazzani. eu has made functionality its flagship with a series of innovative and exclusive systems such as, for example, the Unico® universal built-in system, the Acquaclima® temperature regulation system (to achieve a constant flow of water at the desired
temperature), the Easy-clean® system (to easily remove limescale) the special Drop-Stop® device (to prevent water from seeping through the hose hole in the above-edge faucet or for hairdressing salons), the Acquagreen® kit (to reduce faucet water consumption), and the Nohot® system (to keep the faucet at a mild temperature, even during prolonged use of hot water). The uniqueness of Palazzani.eu’s MIS collection thus passes through the optimization of every single phase: from mechanical processing to surface treatments and polishing, from assembly, to testing, to packaging with fully recyclable packaging.


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