Mario Cucinella Architects for Re-Use With Love

Completion of the redevelopment work on the former power station inside the Monumental Park of Giardini Margherita, a crucial point of the city, is expected by the end of the summer. It is destined to host the creative and cultural hub of Re-Use With Love, a city volunteer organisation that promotes fundraising and projects of inclusiveness and social support through the culture of reuse.
Renovation of the building began last October following the project signed by MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects, which was then transformed into an executive project by architect Emanuele Dionigi, founder of Studio Controluce, who also took on the supervision of the work.

“The work on the former power station is an example of memory and sustainability, a challenge that brings together historical, modern and industrial. This mix,’ says Mario Cucinella about the project, ‘is one of the magic formulas of the beauty of our communities. The hope with this intervention is to generate in the many citizens who frequent Giardini Margherita, a new memory, a place where children will remember meeting a friend and playing together”.

The project responds to the need to redevelop the building through restoration and conservative renovation, as well as with internal and external works that allow it to be used for cultural, recreational and promotional activities for the city.
From an architectural and structural point of view, the modifications concern the basement floor below the main building and the creation of a new deck joined to the one below by means of an internal steel staircase.
The design of the outdoor spaces surrounding the building envisages the creation of a wooden platform with a ramp that will serve as a new access to the building as well as a permanent piece of furniture usable by all, capable of enhancing an area currently lacking in lighting, making it a new social hub within the park. This new nucleus will be reached by means of a new paved pedestrian path that will connect to the pavement of Stenio Polischi Avenue, inside the Giardini Margherita park.

Great attention has been paid to environmental strategies through the introduction of a number of actions to reduce consumption, such as the opening of large glazed areas to ensure the correct amount of light and natural ventilation together with the efficiency of the envelope.

The result of the love of this group of women for their city – the Re-Use With Love volunteers now number more than 150 – the redevelopment project of the former power station has found the public and private support of numerous supporters, starting with the municipality – from the city council to the municipality of Milan – and including the municipality of Milan. supporters, starting with the City Council – during the mandates of both Virginio Merola and the current mayor Matteo Lepore – who have been joined by sponsors motivated by the sensitivity towards the territory and the culture of doing that the initiative represents: banking foundations (Carisbo, Banca d’Italia), banking institutions (Banca di Bologna, Emilbanca, Banca Mediolanum), major entrepreneurial groups (BolognaFiere, Hera Group) and local players (Filicori Zecchini, Verni Adv, Pizzoli, Iperceramica, Comet, Mefa, Matteuzzi, Conad, Faac, Original Parquet, Rotary Carducci).