Lacasacontinua® – an architectural firm with a solid experience in interior design, product design and creative direction – presents ‘Lacasacontinua‘, the new showroom located in the heart of Miami’s Design District.
The Lacasacontinua showroom stands out for its sophisticated interior design and refined attention to every single detail. Custom-designed by®, commissioned by the Italian-American property of Giselle Arrigone and Roberto Ruini, it consists of a 300-square-metre space with two entrances and three street windows, dedicated to end-to-end design services for interior designers, architects, corporate buyers and real estate developers.® took care of the creative direction and interior design of the project, declined in the choice of materials, finishes and colours, inspired by the typical taste and style of Miami, but at the same time recalling the quality and excellence of Made in Italy.
The result is a sophisticated space that denotes an elegant and cosmopolitan spirit with a dual functionality. On the one hand Lacasacontinua positions itself as a showroom of reference for surfaces and finishes, and on the other as a welcoming environment designed to create turnkey projects with customised proposals for the luxury residential sector.

Prominent in the showroom is a majestic central showcase featuring art forms expressed through waves, made of stoneware, a reminder of the Miami sea.
The entrance positioned on the left leads the designer into the area dedicated to stoneware finishes, with a kitchen area and a display area for materials, both made to design.
The bar area, positioned in front of the entrance on the left, is made of backlit Patagonia marble.

Particular attention has been given to the area dedicated to accessible services for the disabled with an impactful appearance and an impressive entrance, thanks to the use of red wood panelling and a marble sink. Here we also find special furniture elements such as the small tables by Atelier Cerasarda, designed by the® studio.
The right-hand area of the showroom is designed to accommodate mainly the display of marble and the walk-in wardrobe.
In this area we also find a meeting area and a library area, where marble and stoneware finishes and products on display are presented.
The inclusion of areas such as the kitchen, walk-in wardrobe and bathrooms, designed and finished in detail, stems from the® studio’s desire to recreate real environments in the showroom with harmonious and creative compositions of products, finishes and materials.

Lacasacontinua is a continuum of convivial environments that make customers feel at home, embellished with marble, stoneware and wallpaper, and enhanced by prestigious products from leading Italian companies.
The Lacasacontinua showroom offers an immersive experience of uniqueness that combines innovation and contemporaneity, luxury, design and comfort for the realisation of made-to-measure projects.
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Project: Lacasacontinua
Creative Direction and Interior Design:®
Team: Corrado Conti, Giulia Delpiano, Anna Manfredi, Fatemeh Eslamian, Silvia Avanzi (light design)
Location: Design District, Miami
Year: 2023