Influence by Fiora in Classic, Curve and Inglet versions

Influence is a revolutionary customisable bathroom furniture system designed by Fiora to allow users to choose every aspect of their furniture, from the structure to the accessories, completely transforming the design and customisation experience. More than a collection, Influence is a true project that Fiora has designed to allow everyone to express their own personality and style.

As well as offering cutting-edge furniture in terms of functionality, the line takes product versatility to another level through innovation and design excellence. Influence consists of a selection of three front models: Classic, Curve and Inglet. Each presents its own design language reflecting the latest bathroom trends.

The Classic design is distinguished by its linear, rationalist structure, evoking the simplicity of traditional forms. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a timeless aesthetic that expresses elegance and refinement, but at the same time has a modern touch recognisable in the framed door, the main innovation of this design.

Curve, on the other hand, introduces a softness into the design with its slightly rounded edges. This design challenges the conventions of form, giving an idea of fluidity and comfort and evoking a natural and organic approach.

Finally, Inglet provides a bold and expressive look with fronts and tops with bevelled edges. This design manages to break the mould, introducing an unexpected angle that adds a whole new dimension to the cabinet.


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