Human domination on Earth

At Park Hub – the cultural space of the Park Associati studio – the exhibition Human domination on Earth, Karina Castro‘s first solo show, opens to the public from 22 to 26 March 2023.
The exhibition brings together a selection of photographs from the visual research conducted by the artist since 2019 regarding the presence of man on Earth.

Castro’s investigation stems from a desire to question the current historical period. In recent years, in fact, the artist has captured images of different landscapes, places and environments: from the warm Portuguese beaches to the icy Swiss heights, uniquely accumulated by the presence of man.
The effects of human action are inevitably conditioning the earth’s environment in all its physical, chemical and biological characteristics. The centrality assumed by man in the changes to the landscape is so significant that scientists have called the current geological epoch the Anthropocene.

What are the consequences for the landscape? To what extent are we able to read the relationship between the human species and planet Earth? What is our position on this issue?
The exhibition becomes a tool for questioning these aspects and pushing us to ask what our position is regarding technological progress and the ways in which man and nature coexist. It invites us to reflect on the illusory nature of appearances and to question our consciences on environmental issues.
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Photo by ©Karina Castro