Haori by Toshiba: colour harmonies and high performance

The comfort and wellbeing that a place is able to offer are closely linked to the thermal environment: it is fundamental for the pleasantness of environments to design spaces that are cool in the summer and well heated during the winter months. The air conditioner is increasingly an essential component to which more and more attention is paid in terms of functionality and efficiency, but also from an aesthetic point of view. Toshiba’s HAORI air conditioner is designed to combine advanced technology, high performance and design. Precisely because of these characteristics, HAORI was chosen for the renovation project of a 120 square metre Milanese flat in the Navigli area, curated by interior designer Andrea Castrignano.
‘’In the last renovation I dealt with,‘’ explains the designer, ‘’I intervened on a flat belonging to a couple of young guys who were very design-conscious and had a green soul. With HAORI, I provided them with a product that satisfies both needs‘’.

HAORI uses the environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, and the energy performance class guarantees the best efficiency for this type of product. The design with slightly rounded lines is characterised by a fabric cover that offers many possibilities for customisation. Also in this flat, where colour is the protagonist, the air conditioner is no longer an element to be concealed but becomes a true furnishing accessory, which, depending on taste, can be chosen to match or contrast with the wall that houses it.

In the renovation of this flat, the designer wanted to pursue chromatic harmony, choosing wall coverings coordinated with the walls: in the living area in lagoon tones, in the master bedroom, Army green, and in the study, Whale blue. HAORI allows you to choose the upholstery from no less than 43 different fabric colours. “Another aspect, in addition to aesthetics, that should not be underestimated in my projects,‘’ Andrea Castrignano continues, ‘’is the possibility of offering my clients maximum comfort“. HAORI is designed to offer very quiet operation, has two filtering devices for high air quality, and can be managed via the ‘Toshiba Home AC Control’ APP, which includes weekly programming. New features include energy consumption monitoring and full voice control thanks to compatibility with Google’s Home Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition systems.


For more information visit: www.toshibaclima.it/haori/