Goodman Madrid by Zooco

The architectural studio Zooco has created the new Goodman offices in Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, focusing on the contemporary needs in the world of work by creating a project with cutting-edge design and comfortable for workers. The space is divided into two work areas, one exclusively for private use and a work area (meeting rooms) where visitors are received. These two spaces are joined by the Open Space which is a large, open, flexible space where all types of activities are combined. 

This space serves as a reception area, a leisure room, a dining room, for spontaneous meeting rooms. A space that is embellished with multifunctional furniture, such as the meeting table that becomes a ping pong table in leisure moments. A new dimension of work is thus emerging that sees the wellness of employees and the playfulness of a space in constant change in the foreground. 

Large curtains become the new walls that redefine the office space, making it more fluid. There are no fixed workstations and the need to combine the new smart working requirements results in multifunctional spaces that are configured and used as needed. The offices become a place of communication where the different areas seem to join each other promoting the exchange of ideas and creating an eclectic and dynamic working environment. 

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Project: Goodman Madrid
Architect: Zooco Estudio
Photo: Imagen Subliminal