Gibus screens increasingly sustainable thanks to Solar

Gibus, an Italian company that is one of the main European players in the high-end Outdoor Design sector, continues to pursue technological innovation to propose increasingly sustainable and efficient products and solutions.
The new eco-friendly development is the launch of 24-volt Solar tubular motors, developed by Nice, on Gibus Click ZIP and Click Cable screens. Powered by solar energy, these motors have a long-life battery that can also be recharged via USB connector and guarantee energy savings while respecting the environment. Solar motors can cover up to 50 strokes of the complete screens. By exploiting a series of algorithms for energy production and management, they represent a long-lasting and eco-friendly product that does not need to be permanently connected to the power supply. Solar is therefore the ideal solution to reduce consumption and save energy while respecting the environment, but it is also an ideal product where the position of the screens does not allow them to be connected to the power supply and therefore manual activation would seem to be the only solution.
We believe and invest more and more in sustainability every day,” says Alessio Bellin, CEO of the Gibus Group. “With the 24 Volt Solar solution we anticipate future technological trends in the world of tubular motors, making our vertical drop awnings, which already combine thermal comfort and energy saving, even more eco-friendly“.

The 24 volt Solar motor is combined with two Gibus proposals that are already highly eco-friendly products, namely Click ZIP and Click Cable. The first is a line of blinds in different models and types of fabric, with and without cassette, suitable for residential or business contexts, as well as areas dedicated to hospitality. With a high degree of shielding efficiency, they are enhanced by the innovative zip technology which, in addition to ensuring effective wind resistance (class 6), allows the fabric to slide optimally and guarantee a side seal at the highest level, so that solar radiation is shielded before the glass, even in the most critical points, and heat is retained outside.
Click Cable, on the other hand, is a new vertical drop awning model that can be installed with or without a cassette, designed to protect and shield windows and glazed spaces from the sun. These are highly sustainable solutions as, by shielding the sun’s rays before the glass, they retain the heat outside the building, thus allowing real energy savings, which translates into benefits on several levels: economic (they allow less use of air conditioning systems) and environmental (Click Cable limits the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).

Gibus was also the fourth recipient this year of the ‘Best Managed Companies‘ Award, an award for entrepreneurial excellence in Made in Italy promoted by Deloitte Private, with the participation of ALTIS Graduate School of Sustainable Management of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, ELITE-Gruppo Euronext and Piccola Industria di Confindustria. The company was awarded for having demonstrated excellent managerial skills in a complex international scenario and for having distinguished itself in all the parameters assessed: ‘Strategy’, ‘Skills and Innovation’, ‘Commitment and Corporate Culture’, ‘Governance and Performance Measurement’, ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, ‘Internationalisation and Supply Chain’.

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