Genova BeDesign Week 2024

From 22nd to 26th May 2024, Genoa will host Genova BeDesign Week, a week dedicated to design, to reflect on the ability to adapt, respond to contemporary challenges and adopt new technologies, materials or creative processes.
The new theme ‘Design in Motion’ highlights the dynamic relationship between design and its impact on the evolving society.
Now in its fifth edition, this year the event proposes a route that aims to regenerate a portion of the territory and to research, disseminate and enhance design.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for Tuesday 22 May in the splendid ‘living room’ of Piazza San Lorenzo.

The Genova BeDesign Week 2024 organises The Design: everything here. Anteprima Design Festival Genova and brings four archistars of the international scene to the Ligurian capital.
Michele De Lucchi, Fabio Novembre, Clara Bona and Luca Molinari will in fact be the protagonists of the three meetings of the event promoted and organised by DiDe in collaboration with Platform Architecture and Design and with the support of Genoa City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the Liguria Region.
The theme of the cycle of three meetings is “Refuges of the Soul. 3 events, 3 designers, 3 visions on how the design of our homes reflects and transforms us. Dialogues by Platform with Luca Molinari“.
The first scheduled appointment, on the first day of the Genova Design Week, is on Tuesday 22nd May, at 5.30 p.m., in the Sala delle Grida of the Palazzo della Borsa. For the occasion, Michele De Lucchi will talk about multidisciplinary design.
The second scheduled meeting is with Fabio Novembre (Wednesday 23 May at 5.30 pm in the Sala del Bergamasco of the Genoa Chamber of Commerce in via Garibaldi 4).
The third and last meeting will feature Clara Bona on Friday 24th May at 5.30 pm at the Auditorium Carlo Felice (Passo Eugenio Montale 4, Genova). The debate will focus on the diversity of homes, respecting the place, the context in which they are located, and above all the personality of the people living in them.Luca Molinari, architect, critic, curator, professor and Editorial Director of Platform, will moderate and contribute to the dialogue in all three meetings.

Four paths will characterise Design Week 2024, all based on a reflection on outdoor space, public or private, whether in the shade of a historic colonnade or on the top floor of a windswept skyscraper.
OUTDOOR WITHOUT BORDERS dry garden is the path curated by Marta Carraro, landscape architect and co-founder of the CAARPA studio. A reflection on outdoor space, public or private, with particular reference to the new models of sustainable green design, declined according to the different spatial conditions of the exhibition areas.
CONTAINER 01., an exhibition that in a seaside city like Genoa finds its ideal – and inevitable – milieu in the container.
Under the aegis of the creator and curator Massimiliano Dalle Sasse, architect and founder of DLA design Lab, the excellent instrument of goods transport is transformed into an unexpected space for reflection inserted in the urban everyday life. The exhibition will see them placed in Piazza San Lorenzo and Piazza Matteotti, crucial and central points for Genoa, a symbolic embrace to create an open-air collective exhibition.
CALL U35 is the contest curated by arch. Laura Palazzini of the a4 architetti associati studio, a project designed for young designers.
More than 40 designers from all over Italy will exhibit with 37 projects selected by the scientific committee made up of ADI Liguria, the University of Genoa Department of Architecture and Design, and the Order of Architects of Genoa. There are 20 exhibition venues that will be marked with special 250 cm high wooden pencils.
The scientific committee, formed by the University, ADI, the Order of Architects and the DiDe, will select five ‘winning’ designers who will also have the opportunity to exhibit their projects and prototypes in the Design Museum in Milan.
THE HOUSE CHANGES SKIN is a sensorial journey to discover interiors, where the home becomes an expressive and enveloping canvas. A bridge between designers and design enthusiasts that provides inspiration and information on the latest trends and innovations in interior finishes.

Other appointments in the Genova BeDesign Week will see the involvement of architecture studios that left from the Liguria capital or came to Genoa to train: on Wednesday 24th May at 7.30 pm Peluffo&Partners with “Architettura genealogica” in Piazza San Lorenzo; on Friday 24th May at 7.30 pm Hembert Penaranda with “La forza delle idee” also in Piazza San Lorenzo and on Saturday 25th May at 10 am Alfonso Femia with “ARTE, CITTÁ, TERRITORI…la cultura come fulcrum della rigenerazione urbana”.
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