FritsJurgens in partnership with Ultimate Doors and Joinery for high-impact projects

FritsJurgens, a Dutch pivot hinge company, and Ultimate Doors and Joinery, a manufacturer of designer doors, collaborated on architectural projects to create entrances of great impact because of their relevance and size. The partnership has proved to be an absolute winner, because thanks to FritsJurgens’ high-end System M+ pivot hinges, the Australian company’s design team has been able to incorporate larger, taller and heavier doors into their ambitious projects, enabling them to compete successfully in a high-end market where the seamless finish is in high demand. A partnership that will be consolidated over time as Ultimate Doors & Joinery’s next projects are increasingly ambitious with the goal of creating entrances of incredible size and record-breaking potential.

The System M+ pivot hinges from FritsJurgens are crucial in this process, as they provide precise control for moving doors of up to 500 kg. and are equipped with advanced features such as Latch Control, Damper Control and 30° Speed Control: a series of state-of-the-art solutions for pivot doors of various sizes. Class A to E hinges are ideal for standard doors, while Class F and G variants are designed for heavier doors with different thicknesses, requiring a minimum door thickness of 50 mm to ensure optimal installation and functionality. Thanks to this comprehensive range of hinges, the M+ system from FritsJurgens offers highly adaptable solutions to meet a wide range of specific pivot door requirements.
Ultimate Doors and Joinery, led by Bill Alam, excels in the art of designing exceptional entrance doors and therefore uses FritsJurgens hinges in its designs. The company, based in Sydney, offers its customers an unparalleled service, providing in-depth advice and taking care of the entire process of designing, manufacturing and installing outstanding doors. Recently, they have expanded their range of solutions by introducing liquid metal as a door finish, making it a key element.

A pivoting exterior door is the ideal solution to give any building, be it commercial or residential, a design manifesto that anticipates attention to detail in interior design. With FritsJurgens’ invisible pivot hinges, external doors can be created in any material and size. By combining features such as draught and water buffers, the pivot exterior doors become completely wind and weatherproof, providing insulation from the air and protection from moisture.
The new top hinge with a FritsJurgens grommet hole variant also allows for easy wiring of the door leaf, and enables the pivoting exterior door to be upgraded with state-of-the-art entrance door equipment such as intelligent locks, electronic security systems or exclusive lighting details.


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