Franco Fontana and Maurizio Galimberti at the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia

Pedrali as educational partner for Fondazione Brescia Musei

Pedrali continues its #pedrali4education path by supporting as educational partner Fondazione Brescia Musei for the exhibitions dedicated to the masters of Italian photography ‘Franco Fontana. Colour’ and ’Maurizio Galimberti. Brescia, Piazza Delle Loggia 1974’. Thanks to the company’s support, schools will be guaranteed guided tours and workshops linked to the exhibition projects.


Franco Fontana. Colour
Franco Fontana. Colour presents 122 images made from 1961 to 2017, which give life to an exhibition itinerary, divided into 4 sections, documenting Franco Fontana’s research on the themes of ‘landscape’, ‘urban landscape’, ‘presence absence’, ‘people’, ‘American light’, ‘fragments’, ‘highways’ and ‘asphalts’: for the author, everything is or becomes landscape.
This major exhibition, curated by Studio Fontana, promoted by the Fondazione Brescia Musei and co-produced with Skira, tends to highlight how the internationally renowned photographer has always used colour in his works as a subject to investigate and report reality through the medium of photography. Light and colour range thus define spaces, architecture, stories and life.

Maurizio Galimberti. Brescia, Piazza Delle Loggia 1974
Maurizio Galimberti. Brescia, Piazza Delle Loggia 1974 is an exhibition commemorating, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Piazza della Loggia massacre of 28 May 1974, in which eight people lost their lives. Maurizio Galimberti develops the project through original photographs by Pietro Gino Barbieri, Silvano Cinelli, Renato Corsini and Eugenio Ferrari provided by the Casa della Memoria Archive, the Silvano Cinelli Historical Archive and the Corsini/Ferrari Archive. The result is a new and powerful reinterpretation of the dramatic massacre according to not only photographs taken on the day of the massacre, but also some images of posters, wall graffiti, photo cards, the reportage of funerals and children’s drawings.


The exhibitions are part of the Brescia Photo Festival schedule (from 8 March to 12 September 2024) that will bring to the most prestigious exhibition venues in the city and province – Museo Santa Giulia, MA.CO.F, MO.CA – some of the most important and celebrated names in contemporary photography in our country. The title chosen for this seventh edition is Witnesses, a term that emphasises the ability of photographers to document the present by favouring the reading of history through the story told by their images.



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