FMG, MaxfineMarmi

The MaxFine collection of marble-effect maxi-slabs now includes two precious new textures, BLACK MARQUINA and VEINED WHITE, reproducing top quality precious natural stones.
Maxfine maxi-slabs, only 6 mm thick, combine the look of natural materials with an innovative advanced technology: a winning combination giving rise to surfaces with outstanding technical properties. Impermeable, resistant to abrasion, wear and chemical attack, MaxFine slabs offer a tangible demonstration of the material’s versatility and vast expressive potential.


BLACK MARQUINA is inspired by one of Spain’s best-known and most sought-after marbles, widely used in flooring and interior design.
With a compact black background and narrow white veins, BLACK MARQUINA adds strong character to spaces with its elegant lines and expressive colours.
Its sophisticated look and colour contrasts underline its unique texture, which adapts to different kinds of spaces, from the most classic and elegant to ultra-contemporary settings demanding an exclusive, original style.

Appreciated since Roman times and universally known as one of the most valuable varieties of marble, white Carrara marble is back in VEINED WHITE, a new interpretation of its appearance and strength. Characterised by a pearly white to light grey background with discontinuous fine grey veins, VEINED WHITE pays homage to ideal beauty and timeless classicism.
This kind of marble is perfect for contemporary design, with its outstanding aesthetic properties adding personality and character to indoor and outdoor spaces and elegantly covering stairways, cabinet doors, kitchen countertops and furnishings.

In addition to the traditional POLISHED finish, BLACK MARQUINA and VEINED WHITE are presented with a preview of the new SILKY finish giving surfaces a pleasant soft touch look and making them feel smoother for extraordinary visual and tactile effects.