Flaviano Capriotti Architetti signs the new Suites at Park Hyatt Milan

In the nineteenth-century setting of the Park Hyatt Milan, Flaviano Capriotti Architetti pays homage to Milan, taking up the legacy of the post-war masters and the materials of tradition, designing rooms whose luxury is discreet and timeless.
The architect thus gives life to a contemporary tale of Milanese elegance, signing the design of the new rooms, among which the three Signature Suites – Duomo, Montenapoleone and Brera – and the Solferino and Fiori Chiari Suites deserve special mention.

At the heart of the redevelopment is Milan and the Milanese spirit, underlining the deep connection of the Park Hyatt Milan – which has just celebrated its first twenty years – with the city’s history and culture.
The hotel is located in a rather dense urban fabric, with a very nice view of the Galleria, allowing guests to live in a shell, in the centre of the city, but protected from the outside world“, explains architect Capriotti.

The Brera Suite is located on the hotel’s piano nobile, while the Montenapoleone and Duomo Suites, located on the sixth floor, open directly onto the sky thanks to their terraces, in line with the city’s other rooftops.
This glimpse of blue, which in Milan has unique colour variations, from cerulean grey to amber red, reminded me of a passage from the ‘Promessi Sposi’ (The Betrothed) in which Renzo, fleeing from Milan, takes refuge in a cottage in the countryside and, waking up in the morning, finds himself experiencing the light of dawn“, the architect recounts, continuing, “to welcome him there is the clear sky: a passage that I have always loved because of Manzoni’s extraordinary directorial ability, which transforms a written text into a vivid and powerful image. The sense of peace in those lines, surrounded by the love for the Lombard landscape, was the starting point in the journey that led me to the Suites”.

Entering the three Signature Suites, one finds oneself immersed in airy spaces, enveloped in soft and accommodating nuances, in which a warm and cosy material such as solid brushed dark oak wood traces the various rooms, alternating with precious Verde Alpi marble. In addition to the furniture designed by architect Capriotti, there are design pieces by Franco Albini, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Angelo Mangiarotti, Gio Ponti, Ignazio Gardella and Enzo Mari.
In all the Suites neutral nuances leave room for occasional touches of yellow and orange, recalling the veins of the sky at dawn and dusk, with the recurring addition of petrol green.
A key theme is that of lighting: “the quality of the light is of critical importance, it must be warm and generate the right shadows and accents: a lighting system should not be perceived, precisely because it must envelop the guests in a suffused, punctual and natural way”, explains the architect.

In the Suites on the top floor, architect Capriotti has defined a hybrid zone between inside and outside, designed to be recognisable: “its ceiling is made of wood, unlike the others in the flat, as if it were a cell of space existing between inside and outside“, he explains.
Located on the sixth and top floor of the hotel, the Montenapoleone and Duomo Suites have terraces and living rooms designed with large veranda areas so that they can also enjoy their relaxed atmosphere inside.
Believing that “every function needs its space, its symmetries, its visual axes”, the architect has outlined a clear and functional layout: on one side of the Suites is the living area, on the other there is direct access to the terraces which, in full Park Hyatt style, allow guests to live in the centre of Milan, but discreetly, spending evenings outdoors surrounded by comfortable seating and sofas as well as lush greenery.
For more information visit www.flavianocapriotti.it.

Photo by Filippo and Andrea Tagliabue