ELETTRIC 80 Stabilimento E14

Studio Bocchi has realised the project “ELETTRIC 80 Stabilimento E14“, in the town of Viano, precisely on the banks of a stream in the mountains of Reggio Emilia, on the site of a former ceramics factory from the 1950s.

The project stems from the need to create large and flexible spaces, with the aim of creating a building that responds to the need to represent the company’s image and guarantee a comfortable working area for the operators, in perfect harmony with the location. Hence the use of a composition of simple volumes, which made it possible to create large internal free spaces and to modulate the heights according to the production needs of the various areas of the building.

The result is a concatenation of volumes that intersect and flow into each other, breaking the typical monolithic nature of production buildings and creating an organism in which different forms and materials interact.
The special feature of the project is certainly the treatment of the façades: rooms that are generally closed and dedicated only to functionality, in this case are opened to the outside with large glass walls.
This allows the production lines to be completely open to the surrounding greenery, creating a bright and pleasant working environment, and at the same time creating a visually light façade where the glass reflects the greenery and the mountains, and where a specially designed metal sunshade seems to ‘dematerialise’ the imposing volume of the factory.

The office building is in turn made up of several volumes juxtaposed with each other, creating a dynamic effect of decomposition of the imposing dimensions. In particular, the outermost part is treated as if it were a thin coloured foil, which gives a vibrant character to the composition behind, played on the sober juxtaposition of concrete greys and metal cladding.
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Project: ELETTRIC 80 Building E14
Year: 2020
Location: Viano (RE)
Client: Elettric 80 s.p.a.