Ceramica Mediterranea: a Made in Italy, responsible business

Ceramica Mediterranea is an Italian porcelain stoneware company. It creates collections for the brands Mediterranea and Abitzai in Sardinia, featuring locally sourced raw materials and an on-site production powered by an unmatched social and sustainable agenda. The brainchild of Bernhard and Claudia Mazohl, its story began in 2001 with the purchase of the factory in Guspini, Sardinia. The family embarks on a twenty-year journey to create a sustainable porcelain stoneware production within Italy and a house of brands representing a unique reality in the Ceramic landscape. The company’s responsible business model promotes circular practices and the preservation and regeneration of the territory. In 2021, through a partnership with Enel X and Enel Green Power, Ceramica Mediterranea launches The Green Island Project to reach carbon-neutral production and independence from fossil fuels.

Abitzai | Mediterranean Design. Launched in 2021, Abitzai is the premium brand of Ceramica Mediterranea production. Curated and sophisticated, it blends functionality and design in a unique world of modern heritage. Mediterranean elegance meets tactile, warm minimalism. The island nature inspires a palette of signature colours while traditional iconography translates into fluid, feminine patterns and graphics. A vision that moves away from fleeting trends and the status quo to promote uniqueness through modernity. The brand’s passion for the Sardinian land transforms into a Mediterranean lifestyle celebration through a captivating aesthetic suspended between design, beauty and history.

Sustainability. The company sources raw materials responsibly in partnership with local quarries that guarantee the total restoration of vegetation and the regeneration of the land. All cooked production waste is recovered and reused by reintegrating it into the work cycle, so that the cooking temperature and energy impact can be reduced.

Advanced plants and technological processes are used to bring materials back to life, reducing disposal costs and saving the new use of raw materials. All process water is recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle to minimise process and groundwater consumption. By powering the plant with photovoltaic panels and recovering waste heat from the furnaces, the emission of thousands of tonnes of CO² is avoided.


For more information visit: www.ceramicamediterranea.it