Ceramic at KM 0

Ceramica Mediterranea is the only producer of zero-km Italian porcelain stoneware, and makes creations for the Mediterranea and Abitzai brands in Sardinia. The company was born out of the tenacity and entrepreneurial vision of Bernhard and Claudia Mazohl, who bought the Guspini factory in 2001 and, over the course of twenty years, transformed production and the brand into one of the most interesting realities of Made in Italy ceramics. Distinguished by a strong social commitment and sustainable agenda, the brand promotes the preservation and regeneration of the territory. In collaboration with Enel X and Enel Green Power, it launches the Green Island Project in 2021, with the aim of achieving zero-impact production and independence from fossil fuels. Following a responsible business model that is strongly linked to the territory, the company works as closely as possible to the rhythms of nature and the land that hosts it.

Abitzai | Mediterranean Design. Launched in 2021, it is the premium brand of Ceramica Mediterranea production. Refined and sophisticated, it blends design and functionality in a world suspended between the traditional and the contemporary. In an emotional journey where passion for Sardinia is transformed into aesthetic thought and homage to the cradle of the West, Mediterranean elegance meets minimalist style, warm colours and materiality. The result is a ceramic out of the chorus, promoting uniqueness through a modern language. A celebration of these lands between Europe, Africa and the Middle East that between history, beauty and mystery intrigue and seduce.

Sustainability. The company sources its raw materials responsibly in partnership with local quarries that ensure the total restoration of vegetation and regeneration of the land. All cooked production waste is recovered and reused by reintegrating it into the production cycle, thus reducing cooking temperatures and energy impact.
Advanced plants and technological processes are adopted to bring materials back to life, reducing disposal costs and saving the new use of raw materials. Through innovative technologies, all process water is recycled to minimise process and groundwater consumption. By powering the production plant with photovoltaic panels and recovering waste heat from the furnaces, the emission of thousands of tonnes of CO² is avoided.


For more information visit: www.ceramicamediterranea.it