Cara Casa Festival 2023

From 15th to 30th April 2023, Cara Casa, the first travelling festival on contemporary ways of living, will take place.
The Festival is organised by the Foundations of the Associations of Architects of Milan, Genoa, Venice and Bologna in collaboration with the University of Genoa, the Social Housing Foundation and the Association Ambiente Acqua APS.
Winner of the public notice “Festival Architettura – II edizione” promoted by the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, the Festival will present a broad survey to reflect on the living conditions in urban spaces, their evolution and changes.

The themes will be rich and transversal: the demographic flows and dynamics of cities and the consequences on housing conditions will be discussed. Citizens will be invited to participate alongside experts, scholars and institutional figures in order to observe the present and look together at possible future scenarios.
Cases of depopulation will be analysed, which undermine the vitality and survival of some centres, and the opposite ones, where the demand for housing is so high that entire portions of the population are displaced. We will talk about tourism, students, digital nomads and city users who interact with the urban fabric and who, with their temporary demands, change the identity of cities.

The focus will be on domestic spaces, which are becoming increasingly ‘hybrid’, where private and work activities take place. Places that require rapid changes in function, but often remain unchanged in their form.
The concept of living space will also be looked at in an extended key, incorporating shared and public places.

The programmes proposed by the Festival in the four cities – Milan, Genoa, Venice and Bologna – will include conferences, talks, exhibitions, city cycle tours, family workshops, guided tours, walking lectures and conferences.
In the belief that these reflections involve cities and inhabitants far beyond national borders, meetings are planned in a number of European cities between June and October 2023. These activities abroad are organised in cooperation with the European Federation for Living (EFL) and the association UrbaMonde / Cohabitat.
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