Bloom like a Blume

In 2020 blossoms a collaboration between German designer Sebastian Herkner and Pedrali.
The Blume collection – which in German means “flower” – is inspired by an idea of elegance and refinement. It consists of a chair and a lounge with soft, rounded shapes, whose distinctive strength emerges from the sophisticated extruded aluminium profile with a flower-shaped silhouette.
We met the famous designer to find out more about this fruitful collaboration.

How was this collaboration for Pedrali born?
Well I met Monica and Giuseppe already a couple of years ago on the fair and we always had a fun conversation. About 2 years ago they invited me to come to their HQ to see the production of Pedrali. I was really impressed about the possibilities they have in house, from metal to plastic to wood works. For me it is always necessary to start a relationship with a first visit of the company, to see where they are coming from and to understand the vision of the brand.

This collection – which in its shapes and colours is a hymn to spring – pays homage to flowers: how were they your source of inspiration?
Actually I was thinking about a chair for Pedrali, and there are so many chairs oin the market and mostly it is about the shape and silhouette of the seat. I wanted to focus on the legs as well. Not using just a standard pipe, my aim was to develop something unique and special. Than I came up with the idea of the column or flower like legs, extruded in aluminium. Pedrali was the right partner for a project like this, putting lots of afford in its engineering.

Great care has been given to materials: can you tell us more about it?
Well I focus a lot on materials, colors, combinations and finishes. It is about the details to make a successful product. A huge advantage of aluminium legs is that you can anodize them in beautiful colours, elegant and sophisticated. In combinations with fabrics you can create endless combinations, so Blume can change its character easily.

The system with which the various products in the collection have been created allows for practical disassembly for the correct disposal of their components. How important is attention to the environment for you?
In the world of design, is there enough interest in this factor? Since I run my own practice, I focus on sustainability a lot. It is one of my key values designing a new product. me as a designer have a huge responsibility and impact in the way and place of production and sourcing of materials. I really care about this. I love companies like Pedrali which produce in house. I don not believe ind Trendy products, I want my design to become companions for life.

How do you see the future of design?
I am an optimistic person, I am curious and open for new adventures. I think my job is a privilege. I can discover every day new things, meeting amazing people and cultures. But we all need to think in a common sense, responsible and fair.

For further information, please visit Pedrali website.