An innovative bathroom environment with new Vismaravetro systems

Vismaravetro, with over seventy years’ experience in the direct production of shower enclosures, supports the designer by collaborating in the creation of bathroom environments that perfectly meet the customer’s needs.

The company’s collaboration with architects and designers has been consolidated over time and is based on co-design, the very heart of the company’s approach to creating innovative bathrooms that combine functionality and aesthetics. Vismaravetro shower enclosures and systems are always customisable and guarantee very high standards that allow for impeccable achievements from every point of view: dimensional, technical and decorative.

Among the company’s new proposals is VOILE, a framed sliding partition that divides the dry area from the wet area. Voile, designed by Castiglia Associati, was previewed at the Salone del Bagno 2024 and represents the company’s desire to propose a completely new vision of the bathroom environment, as a space that can be rethought and designed with an innovative spirit. A door, sliding on its track, now closes off the shower space, now the adjoining space, which can accommodate, for example, sanitary ware or the washbasin. The performance in terms of water tightness is excellent, thanks to high-tech gaskets that allow multiple configurations, as always in the company’s catalogue.

Another of Vismaravetro’s best-known solutions, which is now being renewed and developed, is SUITE, the innovative modular system in glass and aluminium, with a height of up to 300 cm. This solution allows crystals of different finishes to be combined in the same element to create new suggestions or simply for a greater privacy effect. The hinged door, which normally only opens outwards, is developed so that it can also be opened inwards, providing convenience and simplifying shower enclosure maintenance.

The internal partition in SUITE also changes character: previously a fixed wall to divide the dry area from the wet area, it now functions as a true door allowing the passage from the shower to the dry area, without losing its extraordinary water tightness. A system that, going beyond traditional limits, allows for new and original configurations whose level of technical innovation makes it possible to achieve high performance standards.


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