ADI traces the outlines of the design scenario

The Palazzo Reale in Milan on June 11th at 6.00 pm is the setting for the presentation of the book “Confini del Design” by Andrea Rovatti, President of ADI Lombardy.
The book is the first initiative by the DES.TA Design Think Tank project that ADI Lombardy has launched to open up the horizon suggested by the theme of design when an important change in the cultural, technological and methodological reference scenario is underway in the creation and production of points of reference.

In the book, designers, critics, lecturers and journalists have given their ideas to create a discussion aimed at outlining the new boundaries of the current and future design scenario. Forty-six voices from leading exponents of Italian design make up a biodiversity of thought and give depth to a debate from the ephemeral world of 280 characters.
The theme is elusive, precisely because it is evolving: the development of new technologies has opened up new design possibilities and among other things, made small-scale production possible. The issue of environmental sustainability is becoming an important discriminating factor in assessing the quality of a product and new professional figures and application fields related to design are constantly being re-defined.

All this will be discussed in the talk linked to the presentation which will see the participation of key figures from the world of business, innovation, sustainability and sociological research including Domenico Sturabotti, Director of Symbola; Cabirio Cautela, Director of Design Thinking for Business Observatory, Milan Polytechnic; Andrea Cancellato, President of Federculture; Umberto Cabini, President of ADI Collezione Compasso d’Oro and Andrea Rovatti, President of ADI Lombardy and editor of the book.

“When I thought of this book” says the curator Andrea Rovatti “I had no thesis a priori to support, so I purposely gathered opinions from leading figures with multiple and different points of view, based on my own experience that can often lead to an overview. Design, lateral thinking, creativity, the critical spirit – all these characteristics of those who move in the world of design are the tools with which to counter the standardization of thought.”

“With the sponsorship of this event, the municipal administration confirms its commitment to supporting the design supply chain as a carrier of added value and production development, but also as a cultural tool capable of attracting young talents in the city and new economic players who in Milan will be able to find the best showcase with which to present their ideas and designs to the international community” commented Councillor Tajani.