50 years for Ponte Giulio, a family of people who continuously innovate and grow

From a visionary local reality to a solid international company, Ponte Giulio has dedicated its first fifty years with passion and professionalism to the development of bathroom products and solutions that guarantee safe and comfortable use for every user, recognisable for their taste and attention to detail Emidio Carloni – an idealistic entrepreneur – founded the Ponte Giulio company in Orvieto 50 years ago, creating what is now a benchmark company in the safe bathroom furnishing sector, an entrepreneurial reality that has always aimed to combine a good production and commercial organisation, a qualified image with great regularity in fulfilling its commitments.
These are decisive factors in Ponte Giulio’s success that today makes Enrico Carloni, son of the founder and CEO of Ponte Giulio Spa, and his son Edoardo, today the company’s Marketing Officer, proud to represent the third generation.

Above all, it is a story of changes and evolutions, of important decisions that have allowed the company to occupy a prominent place in the industry, even at critical times in Italy’s social and economic history.
Emidio Carloni opened his first building materials and plumbing shop in the early 1960s in the centre of Orvieto, the Ditta Carloni Emidio, and soon afterwards Mobilcentro, a company specialising in the manufacture of bathroom furniture and kitchens in painted sheet metal. These were the years of the economic boom, and Mobilcentro and Ditta Carloni Emidio were joined by a new production site with a showroom a few kilometres from Orvieto, which quickly became too small for a rapidly growing business. It became necessary to acquire a new space: on 6 July 1973, the first factory in Ponte Giulio was built not far from an old Roman bridge – from which the company took its name.

With the subsequent creation of Tecnoservice, a company specialising in the prefabricated bathroom context, Ponte Giulio acquired the necessary skills to propose solutions for other contexts as well, such as the hotel sector. With the Eighties, sensitivity to the concept of architectural barriers grew and with the entry of Enrico, the second generation, the company seized the opportunity and began its first experiences in the field of aids for the disabled. The Tubocolor line was born, complete with handles and accessories for a safe and inclusive bathroom, characterised by an innovative pipe covering system. At the same time, the study of a special line of sanitary ware begins in collaboration with the architect Ambrogio Rossari, which gives life to the famous Rossari series, entirely dedicated to the community and third age.

Then, in 1995, Ponte Giulio SpA was established, a reality totally dedicated to the Hotel, Medical Expo and Safe Bathing sectors: today, more than forty countries are reached directly or through consolidated partnerships. The company’s experience and offer are also reflected abroad: a wholly owned American company, Ponte Giulio Usa Corporation, is established and several product lines are born, which are still in the catalogue today: Bagno Cucciolo, Urban people, Family, Hug and Solo Shower.

Ponte Giulio strongly believes that their entire journey has been made possible thanks to the people they have worked with over the years: a company is successful if it is a single organism made up of people united by a common goal. It is the people who form and keep alive the spirit of a company, and it is thanks to tenacious teamwork that it is possible to dream of ever more ambitious goals without distorting oneself, maintaining alongside professionalism the same spontaneous family atmosphere as always.
This is probably the finest success that Ponte Giulio has achieved in these first 50 years of its history!


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