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5 reasons to choose FritsJurgens hinged pivot doors

Pivot doors offer an almost infinite range of design possibilities, both in terms of size and scope of applications and materials. In addition, they can adapt to placement both indoors and outdoors, without any kind of placement constraints. Precisely because of the great versatility of this solution, below we offer the 5 reasons why you should choose FritsJurgens hinged swing doors.


Pivoting exterior doors for a lavish entryway

Pivoting exterior doors are able with their size and grandeur to give any building, commercial or residential a lavish and important entrance. With FritsJurgens invisible pivot hinges it is possible to design exterior doors of almost any material and size so that they are free from limitations in design and planning. They can be made of any type of material-from wood to marble-and even the height is not restricted.
System M+ hinges provide a smooth and elegant movement to the door, thanks to Damper Control and 30° Speed Control functions, two technologies that guarantee to perfectly adjust the movement of even very large and heavy doors. System M+ hinges also offer the Latch Control function, which makes it possible to give the door, in the last 10° of its rotation towards the 0° position, the appropriate acceleration that ensures its perfect closing.


The inimitable elegance of Interior Pivot Doors

An interior pivot door transcends what is the simple function of a “normal” door. Its aesthetic elegance and the fluidity of its movements turn it into a veritable style manifesto, lending a clear design imprint to the rooms that house it – while, at the same time, maintaining its innate functionality. Given the intensive frequency of use, a FritsJurgens hinged interior door must provide a very high resistance to the wear and tear typical of daily use. A pivot door equipped with the FritsJurgens technological heart maintains the elegance and smoothness of its movement, even after a million cycles (‘equivalent to 136 years of daily use of the door). Load-bearing capacity from 20 up to 500 kg opens up an almost infinite range of design possibilities, allowing you to make pivot doors in glass, steel, or a combination of the two materials, wooden doors, “oversize” doors, and even antique doors.


Doors with special applications

FritsJurgens solutions are also particularly well suited for lightweight, small or narrow doors and panels, as is beautifully demonstrated by this project in which the TP-70 top pivot was applied with the System One bottom hinge. This unique pivoting panel is only 47 cm wide and is part of a kitchen cabinet-this is a unique application made possible by FritsJurgens hardware.


Rotating walls for flexible space division

The FritsJurgens pivot door is the ideal solution for creating a rotating wall that can separate spaces and then return to open them, and join them, whenever desired. When closed, a rotating wall can be nearly invisible. Once open, however, it can have a strong spatial impact on its surroundings. The impact in terms of space and design is minimized, on the other hand, with invisible pivot hinges by FritsJurgens, the ideal solution for any type of rotating wall.


Flexibility in size

The great thing about pivoting interior doors is that their height can be limitless, thanks to the vertical axis on which they pivot. In addition, a high-performance hinge can support wide and heavy doors. This also means that the creation of floor-to-ceiling interior doors will be extremely simple. These doors emphasize the verticality of a room, making it visually larger and more spacious.


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