En-suite shower in Prague

This magnificent panoramic penthouse in Prague has one special feature: to meet the explicit request of the owners, designer Davide Vizzini – from DVDV Studio Architects – installed shower and washbasin in the bedroom.
The design response, therefore, focused on the search for the essential and deep meaning of surfaces and materials.
An equipped wall was created over which to create an interlocking of materials, handcrafted treatments, surface textures and ways of interacting with light. The functions of the boiserie wall of the room have been built and positioned using the language of the modern: by juxtaposition of planes and side by side. The shower enclosure is not a cabin but an intersection between glass tops, the washbasin retracts into a niche, the closing doors activate its ambivalent role: part of the design of the composition and luminous corner between the make-up mirrors.

The production of boiserie, bed, upholstery, was carried out by Italian craftsmen, all products were purchased in Italy, transported to Prague, and assembled by Czech personnel.
The driving force of the site, both for the Italian designers and for the Czech executors, was the enthusiasm and the awareness of accomplishing something unique.

The shower area was tiled with the SET collection by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, in particular with the SET DRESS tile.
SET is a real fusion of different materials – porcelain stoneware with a cement effect: SET CONCRETE; cement-fabric: SET DRESS and SET TARTAN; cement with marble: SET GEM; paint: SET WALL; wood: METROWOOD; decoration: METROSIGNS – which cross each other to create small ceramic masterpieces.
Contemporary languages, not only of design but of everyday life itself, are increasingly fluid in aesthetic, social and economic values.
And nothing is more eclectic than evolved ceramic materials, which seem to play freely – in an alchemy of synthesis between derivations, intersections and compositions – with other materials: studying, interpreting and shaping them to make them more suitable for every need of contemporary building and living.
For more information visit www.ceramicasantagostino.it.

PHOTO by Massimiliano Lowe