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Élitis presents Asteré

Created as a meeting point between design and art, Asteré is a line dedicated to artistic wallpaper by Élitis, a French company specialising in wallcoverings, fabrics and home accessories. Since 2020, Asteré has involved contemporary artists from different disciplines in the creation of works on wallpaper, giving art a more intimate and contemplative dimension.

In addition to the collections already created in collaboration with Garance Valléè, Porter Teleo and François Mascarello, this year they are adding works by the artists Samir Mazer, a sculptor of Moroccan origin who transposes his chromatic and pictorial activity onto the walls, Charlotte Morot, with her natural atmospheres echoing the evening song of birds, and the Parisian duo Redfield & Dattner, with a style that reinterprets classical and decorative painting in the form of contemporary frescoes.

Élitis chooses to work with contemporary artists whose charisma and style it appreciates, in order to propose a new challenge to face together: to give their work a new support and, consequently, a new language. What could be more appropriate, to create a bridge between the artists’ work and the interior of a house? The idea of wallpaper, and therefore of printing on it, arose spontaneously. On the wall, the work rediscovers a different materiality, vertical and flat. A new identity.

Élitis has made available to the Asteré collection its knowledge of printing techniques, from traditional glue techniques to screen printing, from rotogravure to digital effects, the fruit of 30 years of experience. Added to this is creativity and the ability to use different techniques to reveal a design or pattern. Thanks to the sharing of knowledge, with each artist it was possible to explore how to transpose the work on the walls and how to enhance it with effects and tones, moving from the volumes, from the plastic material to be carved, sculpted or spread, to the surface of the wall.

By embodying itself in the wallpaper, the work also moves into a more intimate environment, offering itself for more personal and individual contemplation. In this way, Asteré wants to allow anyone, expert or neophyte, to appropriate art and be touched by it.


Samir Mazer

Samir Mazer was born in Morocco and his homeland leaves an imprint on each of his works, which is revealed through a small terracotta tile ubiquitous in the Arab-Andalusian heritage: zellige. The artist handles it endlessly in rhythmic compositions, expanding its possibilities, its flashes and sometimes asking the impossible of it. Samir Mazer remixes and reinterprets the traditional culture and age-old art of zellige through glazes and modulations, drawings, collages, folds and casts, renewing its poetry. For Asteré, the artist-sculptor has transposed his chromatic and pictorial activity onto the walls. His creations are veritable ceramic membranes that offer, even on paper, the protrusions and irregularities of surfaces and unprecedented reflections that are almost moving.


Charlotte Morot

Calm and serenity: this is the state to which Charlotte Morot aspires and to which all her works contribute. In order to achieve this, she tackles her emotions by removing any filter, and allows the colours to come from intuition, with her gaze captured by evocative landscapes. Setting aside all concepts, introspection dominates Charlotte Morot’s creative process and frees the nuances and shapes of sensations onto the canvas: the ink that settles on damp paper, the colour that stretches and fades, the unexpected that appears in the work.
This is how Charlotte Morot’s creations took shape before being transposed onto wallpaper for Asteré. If the central theme is Nature, the approach is through the prism of solitude, silence or intimacy. Because these are all sensations, even before they become ideas. Charlotte Morot’s works are also born of sounds: those muffled by the mist, the evening song of birds, the melody of the Mediterranean…


Redfield & Dattner

A couple, a unique creative poetics, an incredible technical mastery. If Redfield & Dattner have made an international name for themselves in a short space of time, it is because their immense wall decorations achieve a great feat: paying contemporary homage to the tradition of painted decoration. The walls? Those of emblematic places, imagined in collaboration with Laurent Beuffe, Pierre Yovanovitch or Fragos Lecourtier, of places where our century has signed the most beautiful interpretations of fashion, haute cuisine and even cinema. Redfield & Dattner is first and foremost a Parisian atelier. It is also a couple of names, that of its founders Austin Redfield Tondini and Violette Bonis Charancle Dattner. And their meeting has resulted in a rare artistic proposal, that of a world that crosses the history of classical and decorative painting, to reinterpret it in the form of contemporary frescoes. With Asteré, Redfield & Dattner have transposed their art onto wallpaper and invite us to enter and lose ourselves in their world. This collection is dedicated to the women who inspire them and accompany them in their quest for creativity and harmony.

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