Draw Love Build. The architecture of Sauerbruch Hutton

The exhibition Draw Love Build. The architecture of Sauerbruch Hutton, will present the thirty years of activity of the Sauerbruch Hutton studio, whose internationally recognised projects include M9 itself.
This will not be a classic architecture exhibition: the ambition is to create an exhibition that is attractive, interesting and useful for the general public, not just for professionals. Themes such as colour, sustainability and comfort – fundamental issues in Sauerbruch Hutton’s architecture – will be interpreted in an unexpected and entertaining way.

Thanks to about fifty models, all linked by a tablet with photographic, audio and video content, drawings and samples, visitors will be able to experience the Berlin studio’s creations. In addition to the presentation of individual projects, the exhibition will highlight the thematic continuities that run throughout the studio’s career, linking buildings and projects across Europe.

A special section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the M9 project and to the Museo del ‘900, also through the photographs taken by photographer Alessandra Chemollo, who has immortalised the area since 2008, when it was acquired by the Fondazione di Venezia, and has then documented all the phases of the building work, up to the inauguration in 2018.

The view of the centre of Mestre, revealed to visitors from the terrace on the third floor, will be the highlight of the exhibition experience.

The exhibition will also include a screening of the documentary by director Harun Farocki Sauerbruch Hutton (2013), dedicated to the poetics and work of the Berlin studio.

The catalogue, published by Marsilio Editori, will present a largely unpublished selection of hand drawings and sketches by the two architects, along with a conversation on the themes of the city during the pandemic, the role of the architect and infrastructure with Kaye Geipel, Benedikt Crone and Juan Lucas Young.

draw love build: l’architettura di Sauerbruch Hutton, 3rd September 2021 – 9th January 2022 at M9 Museum, Mestre