Double collection for Maruni at the Salone del Mobile 2022

Maruni presents the MARUNI COLLECTION 2021 to the public for the first time at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022 and reveals the new MARUNI COLLECTION 2022 designed by Naoto Fukasawa and Cecilie Manz.
The exhibition space, designed by Art Director Naoto Fukasawa, is conceived as a true showcase to give visitors the chance to admire the most iconic new products and furnishings, including some of the creations designed by Jasper Morrison.
The participation in the Salone del Mobile is also an opportunity to announce the new collaboration with the internationally renowned designer Cecilie Manz, who has designed the ‘EN‘ series for Maruni, consisting of a round table and a chair with a curved back and legs with a ring structure.
The new collection is completed with two items designed by Naoto Fukasawa: SETO, the generously sized table with solid wood top and the HIROSHIMA chair in the new variant with a more spacious seat.

Completing the exhibition are the wooden furnishings of the MARUNI COLLECTION 2021 designed by Jasper Morrison: the oval Fugu tables that match the chairs of the same series and the stackable T1 chair that enriches the T&O collection.
In this regard, the designer stated: ”This table and chair is part of the new collection for Maruni. I think we started this project in May of 2020. In our Tokyo office I wanted to replace the table I had designed ten years prior because it was in poor condition, so I had a prototype made of this new table.
During the pandemic I was working on the new table most days and I was really enjoying the feeling of the real wood. The combination of the feeling and shape of the furniture is most important to me. So, It was crucial to me that the table was solid wood and Maruni quality wood is really quite special. During the pandemic everyone was working from home and so the table needed to accommodate all these people. It was important to me that it was solid wood: I was enjoying these feelings of the real wood

About his new products Naoto Fukasawa told us: “No one predicted the future two years ago. The pandemic gave us more time to prepare, to build, and design. For a long time Jasper and I considered who would be the next designer we would collaborate with. Two years ago we decided to invite Cecilie here. Everybody was curious who it would be, so the people are really excited to see her products included in our collection.
In general this year, people are more focused on the environment and material science. The maruni wood products are meant to last a life-time and never need to be replaced, that is the sustainable goal of Maruni. The polishing technique is really special, it feels soft like velvet. The chair is a bigger version of a very popular chair I created in 2008 called Hiroshima. The Hiroshima chair was very successful and quite a few people asked us to make a bigger size and so that is what we did here. The machine technology to make this chair is so advanced now, before this shape was only feasible by hand. A very skillful person does the polishing and we call this technique industrial craftsmanship. Actually a funny story, the man who used to make the Maruni furniture by hand is now programming it on the computer. He understands the tools and processes needed to make the chair, even if it is by machine now”.

Finally, Cecile Manz, said about her EN series:I knew I was supposed to do a table and chair for Maruni as my first design project with them and a round table was my first thought. In my opinion, a round table is less formal than a square or rectangular one, we are all equal in a way, you can sit wherever. A round table seats a small community whether it is a meeting or small family. That was my inspiration.
We started this project before the pandemic but had to finalize and review the samples virtually. Now, you do everything at your home table, eat, play, work, online school. The curved back of the chair correlates with the table to create a sense of continuity. For the chair you can choose different upholstery, textile or leather, each available in various colors
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