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Destination: Darsena del Sale

The Darsena del Sale (Salt Dock) has been created in Cervia. It is a unique destination in Europe, a temple of wellness, a project in which archaeological architecture and its intended use merge to create a balance between multi-faceted functional areas, while respecting the genius loci.
In a building steeped in history located in the heart of Cervia and its canal port, Darsena del Sale aims to become a true epicentre of wellbeing with unique, unprecedented and avant-garde services, ultra-low emission facilities and the first destination in the Adriatic for quality yachting tourism.

A new Agora of culture and beauty, a space inspired by the mindfulness philosophy, where the individual and his wellbeing are at the centre of the project 12 months a year.
Music, Events, Food and Wine, and Spa are the elements that define the DNA of this place, developed over a total area of more than 20,000 square metres that includes an outdoor area and an indoor area, divided into three floors, where water and salt inhabit both spaces and become the true protagonists of the story and the experience itself.

The Magazzino del Sale (Salt Warehouse) in Cervia is an example of industrial archaeology dating back to the early 18th century, which was then revisited in the 1980s by architect De Carlo with a project to restore and transform the warehouse into a naval museum linked to the nearby dock. The European tender that Leopoldo Cavalli won with the project entrusted to architect Fabrizio Fontana, envisaged redevelopment work on an external surface area of over 20,000 m2 and the former Magazzino del Sale building with its over 3,000 m2 of internal surface area.

Passion and culture for excellence, Darsena del Sale, sees the collaboration of prestigious Italian partners: starting with the “Gruppo Fonoprint“, which is the agent awarded the concession, Visionnaire, which has created a unique scenographic interior design project, Nuage and Linea Beauty for all the expertise linked to Salus per Aquam and Areadocks for the entire gastronomic philosophy part.

The production of the evocative scenography of Darsena del Sale was entrusted to Visionnaire, a meta-luxury brand of reference in international design. Darsena del Sale is a destination that Visionnaire interpreted with a sophisticated taste, studying and understanding in depth the nature and historicity of the place. The company has designed numerous areas of the former salt factory, from the evocative “Sala dell’Acqua” on the ground floor to the restaurant and lounge areas on the first floor and the Beauty-Spa, paying great attention to the choice of furnishings in dialogue with De Carlo’s architecture and materials, designed for contract use in a saline environment.
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PROJECT: Salt Dock
ARCHITECT: Fabrizio Fontana
LOCATION: Cervia, Italy
YEAR: 2022
COMPANIES: Gruppo Fonoprint, Visionnaire, Nuage, Linea Beauty, Salus per Aquam, Areadocks